WLAN Infrastructure Solutions

WLAN | Wireless | WiFi | LAN infrastructure 5AP, 10AP, 20AP, 40AP, 50AP and 100AP. SKU: WLANHUBCN120HUZZ

Reliable and professional wireless / WiFi LAN infrastructure solutions: best suited for robust and high performance wireless communications applications for small and medium enterprise, commercial, residential and industrial.


  • Capacity: 5AP, 10AP, 20AP, 40AP, 50AP and 100AP
  • Standards: WiFi (a, b, g, n, ac, ax), MIMO, WiMAX, Radius, 2.4G/5G/6G, 802.3 af/at, 802.11 QoS
  • Speed: 450Mbps, 1.37Gbps, 2.381Gbps, 10Gbps, 20Gbps
  • Endpoint Encryption & Protection: 128Bit, 256Bit, 1024Bit
  • Lifetime Warranty Service Support with Service Plan
  • 30 Days Warranty Service Support (Standard)

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