Service Level Agreement

GUARANTEED Satisfaction

S911® quality products, service and support stand apart from other IT Service Management and Network Cyber-security solution providers. We ensure our customer’s requirements are completely satisfied with our award-winning no-nonsense GUARANTEE and Warranty. 

Impact KPIs and CSFs

  • Enterprise-level IT specialist designed products, service and system support solutions to European and American international standards,
  • Quality IT support and implementation for small to medium businesses, government agencies, corporations and homes,
  • Motivate executive, management, supervisory and support staff to work together and to maximize use of technology in the process,
  • Satisfy the total IT business continuity needs for your process using the latest AI technologies,
  • Enhance your process with enterprise AI technologies and cloud services that protect and prevents data breaches, assure compliance with future standards and highest stakeholder ROI and confidence,
  • Assure maximum up-time and availability, readiness for the biggest challenges, increased efficiency and reduced cost,
  • Liberate the business involvement in the strategic direction of the process at Management, Executive Management and at Board level.

Total Care Package

Our device and service plan options install quickly; align with your process, immediately taking care of the support details; and help, to liberate your business to be ready for the biggest challenges, to reduce cost, and to keep stakeholders happy and confident in your process! 

Be In Control

Our top-down AI powered management dashboard system, empowers your business to develop, regulate and project manage important key responsibilities and functional operating areas. Liberating your focus on, and involvement in the process, at Management, Executive Management and, at Board level.

Quality Standards

Carefully selected, and in compliance with certified European and American international standards, our SME corporation business device and service plan options, help to simplify a confusing and essential technology for business environments and organizations of every type.


We appropriately segment the best options to provide your business, a reliable and robust system of solving vulnerable IT business continuity problems. Always on-time and on-budget, and with your choice of AI guided, single-interface management and control options that satisfy your business needs.


All devices include a hardware warranty unless otherwise stated. All other materials, unless otherwise stated, include manufacturer’s warranty. All structured cabling, unless otherwise stated, include manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty on software per manufacturer terms.


Unless otherwise stated, each system is entitled to warranty service support.

Detail Enquiries

We may update this Service Level Agreement periodically without prior notice to reflect changes. Updates will be dated and posted on our corporate website. If you have questions relating to this Service Level Agreement, or for enquiries about our service level department practices, we invite you to use our provided communications resource to contact us.