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S911 ITSM™ Service Desk is a leader in Systems Development, IT Advisory, IT Systems Management, Continual Services Improvement, IT Support, Services and Solutions.

Establishing and maintaining your unassailable position in business does not mean that you have to be victim of impediments or include the costly mistakes of so many others in your industry.

S911 ITSM™ solutions effectively convert IT systems into sustainable revenue generators for growing companies.

Success? It depends on you!

S911 ITSM™ customizable MSA managed services agreement can take complete care of all hardware, software, network, onsite IT services maintenance and emergency IT support under total care package and fixed rate terms.

Our ITSM IT systems management strategy can satisfy the total IT and Communications project requirements from your business process strategic plan and project for your small and medium enterprise SMB business, manufacturing, import, export, tourism, hospitality, school, office, health, corporation and home business.

S911 ITSM™: “Continual Services Improvement”

The good news is S911 ITSM™ marries the expertise of software developers, management consultants and IT systems managers into its IT Systems Management and Enterprise Business Solutions.

S911 ITSM™ team resources.

We work with your business to help empower and enable you to solve vulnerable IT business problems; trusted advisors, core values that include privacy and confidentiality, we assure the quickest response times, expert knowledge, the best in capabilities and experience, and no-nonsense commitment and dedication to the achievement of the organization business goals and objectives.

S911 ITSM™ ITSM Service Desk

Onsite emergency IT support on-call with the best response time, remote support with no-wait response time and including video log recording of activity by S911 ITSM™ Service Agent for QC quality control and training purposes powered by Citrix®.

S911 ITSM™ Service Desk and Online Ticket create and open/view/track capabilities on your desktop or mobile handheld device from anywhere, including company Supervisor and automatic or on-demand email updates and viewing of Tickets.

Regular monthly ITSM systems management ITIL® systems documenting, systems analysis, reporting including timely and
strategic S911 ITSM™ IT Advisory service recommendations for ITSM and Cybersecurity risk mitigation, and Continual Services Improvement to help the organization solve vulnerable IT problems, continually improve IT business processes, support the organization in achieving business goals, assure readiness for the biggest challenges, and reduce costs.

S911 ITSM™ Total Care Package + Fixed Rate Plan terms.

Comprehensive managed services plan.

Complete care of total IT and Communications systems development, management, services maintenance and support requirements.

The best in strategic planning, systems development, team building, project management, support and maintenance.

IT business strategists serving your business process strategic plan with integrity, professionalism and accountability.

Simplified process, transparent plan and road map.

Total Care Package – Fixed Rate Plan

Strategically improve your business processes.

Assured achievement of business goals and objectives.

Sustainable return on investment.

Stay well ahead of rivals.

Powerful enhancements that provide assured readiness for the biggest challenges, and that reduces cost.

Key benefits of S911 ITSM.

Reduced capital and operating expense CAPEX / OPEX.

Increased efficiency.

Total Care Package – Fixed Rate Plan quality service terms.

Enhanced IT and communications infrastructure enabling higher value business processesIntranet internetworking, and to help generate and sustain increased revenue.

Greater efficiency, transparency, management, control and accountability.

Robust IT infrastructure readiness for Virtual Data Centre and Mobility.

Future-proof to expand, grow and operate anywhere at minimal cost.

Reliable, robust and total secure.

Reliable support, remote access and control.

Total information privacy.

Transnational capabilities.

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