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Successful Businesses and Business Development need managing

Whilst there are many self-motivated business owners out there playing the role of self-employed Bookkeeping and Business Developers service support, you cannot just expect to appoint someone and simply expect them to deliver. The challenge of them needing ongoing mentoring and training to help them develop and keep them sharp will distract you from your business goals and objectives. You will also need to make sure they have clear targets broken down into measurable Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s that you need to motivate and manage them towards.

The Solution

Support911® Professional Bookkeeping and Business Development Service Support

Starting by understanding the business process through a patented assessment method that determines a reliable and sustainable solution of system support, Support911® professionals can take care of the support details to satisfy the business needs of your process. Using our service, we help you to liberate your time, reduce cost, save time and money, reduce business owner’s stress, assure readiness for the biggest challenges, gain the sense of comfort, security and control you need to focus on important business development goals and objectives.

Key Benefits

Taking care of the Support Details and Management Information

Bookkeeping and Business Accounting.

Banking and Bank Reconciliation.

Public Accounts or Audited Accounts.

Payroll, Taxes, Business Levy, Green Fund, Health Surcharge and National  Insurance or NIS.

Annual Returns, VAT and clearance certificates of compliance.

Sales and Marketing.

Costing / Job Costing.

Quotations and Estimates.

Invoices and Collections.

Bills and Bill payment.

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable.

General Ledge, Chart Of Accounts, Journals.

Statements and queries.

Company and Corporate Profile.

Contracts management.

General records keeping.

Filing and document management and organization.

Virtual Office and Virtual Office Assistant.

Customer and Vendor Management.

Financials, Income statement, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet.

Forecasts and Budgeting.

Inventory and Stock Control.

Data Entry and Databases.

Bids and Tender Proposal Preparation.

Project Development, Management and Coordination.

Event Planning and Coordination.

Printing and Distribution.

Phone calls, messages and internet email communications.

Systems analysis and design.

Standards and Procedures manual or SOPs.

Computerization and Systematization.

Internet web site and social media programming.

Mergers and Acquisitions; businesses, real estate property, warehouse, etc.

And much more – contact us to learn more.

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