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S911 ITSM™ is a leader in unified voice over IP VOIP PBX phone systems; and a trusted provider of unified VOIP PBX phone system solutions, and onsite service, emergency support, and maintenance for any size SMB business, company and organization.

We can custom design and install, expand, upgrade or overhaul VOIP PBX phone systems that help enable your business to solve vulnerable communications problems, reduce costs, increase efficiency, add value and streamline your sales, marketing, production and workflow business processes.

Reliable and robust unified communications on the IP network for your business.

Powerful enhancements that enable smart phone integration, streamlined and unified messaging integrating voice, video, internet information, mobility and cyber-security for small and medium enterprise SMB business, manufacturing, import, export, tourism, hospitality, school, office, health, corporation and home business.

Easily transform customer service and sales into a virtual call center. The result would increase profits, give the business greater management and control, and encourage increased customer retention.

Gain assured readiness for the biggest challenges, and reduce cost.

Recommended for your VOIP PBX project success.

If planning a new VOIP PBX installation or upgrade, an  IT Infrastructure Assessment would help you determine what’s the capability and capacity of your IT network, wiring and cabling. It would also help you best determine what are your Network Infrastructure requirements for project success.

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