Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Services and Solutions for Growing Companies

S911 ITSM network infrastructure solutions for small and medium enterprise SME business can satisfy all requirements for growing companies in manufacturing, import, export, tourism, hospitality, school, office, health, corporation, government agency and home business.

We can provide detailed network assessment, gigabit network infrastructure design, Internet network gateway design, development and management including testing, penetration testing, installation, expansion, virtualization, overhaul, upgrade, maintenance and certification.

Wireless LAN WiFi Network

Wireless / WiFi

Our WIFI network systems provide your small and medium business, school, office and home with reliable and robust, high speed wireless WIFI network enhancements that enable powerful extended long range wide area networking (WAN), high-speed wireless campus area networking, and robust WIFI network infrastructure for all applications, video, voice and data. Assuring you are ready for the biggest challenges, and that reduces cost.

Structure CAT6A, 6E, 5E, 3 Network (shown), Structured / Outdoor / Fiber Network (available)

Structured Wired / Cable Networks

Our network infrastructure solutions provide you with timely, reliable and robust high-speed and certified voice, audio visual and data network infrastructure and communications, design, installation, testing and certification for your small and medium business, corporation, school, office and home business.

Our IT communications network design and infrastructure experience delivering the highest performance and quality in wired and wireless networks.

Our customized bespoke network infrastructure solutions exceeding the demands of all of today’s business applications, voice, video, data and mobility applications.

So if you are planning the installation of a new network or looking at upgrade or overhaul of an existing network, we can solve all challenges.

We start with a detailed IT infrastructure assessment to help you point the way forward, saving time and expense.


Structured Fiber Network

Quality Assurance

Due Diligence by Certified Professionals and Compliance with International Standards

(IEEE, ANSI, Cisco, IBM, Juniper, VMWARE, Lenovo, VeriFone, DataCard, Systimax, Cisco, HP, Dell, Huawei, Ubiquiti, Checkpoint, Sonicwall, IoT, Watchguard, Mitel, Barracuda, Windows, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google)

Structured wired and wireless networking solutions at speeds and standards including: 1G – 10G – 30G – 40G – 60G – Backhaul – CAT 6e/6a/6/5/5e/3 – Fibre (SM/MM/OC3) – Wireless WiFi – Laser.

All of our certified structured network wiring and cabling installations include a warranty against manufacturer’s defects and faults in installation of 5 to 25 years conditional upon application and grade of infrastructure product involved.

No project is too big or too small for us. Our expertise assures you of quick and professional installation.

Your capability to be ready for the biggest challenges, and reduced cost.

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