Intranet Network Server

Virtual Server and Network Solutions for Growing Companies

S911™ ITSM absolutely understands the vulnerable IT problems and challenges of growing companies, small and medium enterprise SME business organizations.

A leader in systems development, and trusted in systems management, we can custom design and build robust and reliable on-premise intranet server and network solutions that can satisfy all company requirements; complemented by our custom tailored managed equipment service agreements under total care package and fixed rate plan terms, we assure your organization of readiness for the biggest challenges, and that reduces cost.

S911 ITSM™ onsite intranet server hybrid-cloud computing solutions are future proof, completely private and secure, assure business continuity, and can satisfy all company computing requirements, improve system and data backup, archive and disaster recovery operations.

Empowering SME Business with Future Proof Systems Development

Powerful enhancements for your small and medium enterprise SME business, manufacturing, import, export, tourism, hospitality, school, office, health, corporation and home business that can satisfy all the requirements from the strategic business systems development and systems management demands.

S911 ITSM™ Process BPR and BPM Optimization

Integrating Powerful SME business Onsite Intranet VM Cloud Server Networking.

Intranet VM cloud server network systems that assure future proof support of the business systems, empowers and enables you with capabilities and functioning that help you to be ready for the biggest challenges, reduces cost, provide ITSM systems development complement to your strategic business process; as such,  helping to liberate you to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Powerful enhancements and enablers

Intranet server, network, firewall and virtual datacenter, cloud computing and data backup recovery and storage.

Intranet network. True data center capability. Private hybrid cloud network capability. Robust, reliable, easily expandable and scalable. Super efficient, high availability. Future proof. Always up-to-date data backup and disaster recovery.

Configuration and Features

Knowledge base server. File server. Management server. Cyber-security server. Application server for you to add accounting, payroll and production system software. Virtual desktop users server.


Total Quality, Information Privacy and Security

Our no-risk IT infrastructure assessment can help your company get a clear understanding of gaps in your IT and Operations Maintenance systems support that make your organization vulnerable; get the best recommendations how to convert your functional operational IT and O&M business process systems support into sustainable revenue generators; and, how to economically acquire S911 solutions that help you to secure your unassailable position, assure readiness for the biggest challenges, and reduce cost.

Access your management and project information and applications from anywhere. Total change management control. Firewall enhancement. Cyber-security enhancement. Expandable and scalable. Licensed. Secure. Information backup. Cloud integration ready.


Total care package

Ultra-low maintenance. IT systems management, systems developmentcomputer support all by quality managed and transparent Service Desk. S911 ITSM Intranet server network solution assures readiness for the biggest challenges, and reduces cost.

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