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Backup Data Recovery BDR Business Continuity

S911 ITSM™ is a leader in backup data recovery BDR solutions, business continuity and disaster recovery BCDR systems development. Complement to our capabilities on-premise hybrid-cloud Intranet server, network, firewall and storage systems and solutions.

S911 ITSM™ crashed hard drive and deep data recovery services, trusted by SMEs, government agencies, health organizations and corporations internationally.

Our BDR and BCDR solutions provide companies with robust and reliable enhancements that assure near to instant / real-time disaster recovery.

Software and server network environments we are authorized to cover and protect include: Windows Server, HyperV, VMware, ESX, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome; and all types of connectivity including, IT network, server, virtual server, computer, virtual desktop, hand-held mobile and stand alone system in your organization; even Home IT.

Our fast and flexible BDR backup and data recovery solutions can be custom tailored to satisfy the total backup, disaster and data recovery and storage requirements of your small and medium enterprise SMB business, manufacturing, import, export, tourism, hospitality, school, office, health, government agency, corporation and home business, globally.

S911 ITSM BDR Business Continuity Solutions

Some Key Features and Benefits of our Backup Data Recovery BDR Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery BCDR Solutions.

Total backup every five (5) minutes of the organization’s network servers, VM virtual machine servers, all data, computer workstations, virtual desktop workstations; stored on-premise, via our proprietary backup technology.

Granular backup transfer to our off-site cloud backup and storage simultaneously; with on-premise backups.

Hosting of your mission critical VM servers and workstations; fully operational off-site by your assigned staff, tested and certified.

Backup disaster recovery and data recovery in as little as six (6) seconds.

Disaster Recovery, Data Recovery and Co-Location in event of equipment failure; motherboard crash, power supply failure or hard drive crash; computer virus, ransomware, data corruption, human error, deleted or damaged data files; natural disaster, hurricane, riot, flood or earthquake.

We absolutely understand how important your data is to your business processes and overall functioning and operating

Total Comfort – Security – Control.

Our data backup recovery storage solutions are used by thousands of companies globally, has prevented hundreds of millions in losses to companies; is globally time tested and certified compliance assured for North America and European standards of information management, on-premise data-center and hybrid cloud applications maintenance, storage care and services.

Deep data recovery and timely forensic data analysis.

We empower and enable you with capabilities and enhancements that assure you are ready for the biggest challenges, and that reduces cost.

Our deep data recovery of crashed and ransomware affected hard drives is world class; recovering, restoring and saving valuable data for customers from flash drives and hard drives of every size and configuration.

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