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S911 ITSM™ is leader in access control solutions ACS, systems design, installation, management and maintenance for small and medium enterprise SME business.

Reliable and robust Access Control Solutions ACS. Flexible – Scalable – Unlimited.

S911 ITSM™ ACS access control systems are completely customizable, reliable and robust. Built to last, our ACS solutions are worry-free all IP network powered and web software interface managed systems.

Unlimited user registration in the management system, and expandable / scalable user registration per terminal system wide (local, regional and global), real-time.

You are always in control of site access authorization.

Totally redundant, the ACS system continues to function if IP network communication is interrupted; on re-establishing communication, updates system synchronized to real-time near to instantly.

Administer from any authorized Windows and Mac PC, Android device, iPhone, Internet/Intranet Web, Smart phone or Smart tablet.

Single interface centralized access control management system.

Powerful, total secure and flexible enhancements that help to empower and enable you to solve the vulnerable problems and challenges in single site and multiple site organization wide installation, centralized single-interface management and total secure access control systems and systems management.

Examples of functional access control solutions.

Manage, control and secure site access authorization using swipe card, key fob, fingerprint biometrics, PIN key, RFID, integrated CMOS CCTV camera.

Monitor and track movement of individuals and assets.

Automatic door locking.

Track time and attendance, automatically integrate with payroll software and pull from a rich array of summary and detail customizable reports.

Receptionist desk, receiving and tracking visitors, special events, contractors, security personnel, and employees.

Emergency evacuation head-count and muster point accounting for personnel, individuals, users, visitors, contractors, security personnel and important assets.

Monitoring and recording site activity including video with integration of in-built CCTV.

Automatic integration of the optional inbuilt ACS IP CCTV and NVR network video recording systems enable synchronized access login attempts with real-time video.

Real-time alert notification for tagged individuals.

Carpark attendance and automatic gate/door/barrier.

Port-a-camp, rig or other remote station.

Asset, garage, warehouse, vehicle and container tracking. 

Total Comfort, Security and Control.

S911 ITSM™ ACS access control system empowers your business with limitless management and reporting capabilities; featuring Microsoft SQL database / PHP integration, Windows GUI and the latest TCP/IP network and cybersecurity technology.

Always stay up-to-date and total secure with timely software updates and approved patches.

ACS access control management system software can be installed onpremise on a server and on intranet virtual machine cloud server network; also on straight and VLAN network configurations.

Robust internet and intranet network managed technology and knowledge base.

ACS access control system notifications can be programmed for real-time alerts for example, to alert Directors, Management Security, HR, or Production.

Our powerful mobility systems software keep you in total control and informed anywhere you are.

No challenge is too big or too small.

So if you are planning a new installation and require structured wiring/cabling or customized smart mobile device functioning for management of your bespoke ACS, S911 ITSM™ can handle satisfy all your requirements.

Assured readiness for the biggest challenges, and capabilities that reduces cost.

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