S911 Support Uninterruptible UPS Power Systems and Maintenance Support provide reliable and professional enterprise-level solutions, service support and implementation to European and American international standards for businesses, any size. 


Key features

  • Enterprise battery backup uninterruptible UPS power protection, 
  • Power surge protection, 
  • International battery backup power protection and electrical standards,
  • System design, consultancy, overhaul, expansion, customization,
  • Implementation, maintenance, service, training, support and installation.


Whole House Surge Protection


Key benefits of whole house surge protection

  • Protection of internet technology IoT devices, electrical and electronic gadgets and computing devices,
  • Protection for appliances and all other devices from internal surge anomalies, brownout, blackout and direct lightning strike,
  • Complete electrical system protection,
  • Trust in your complete electrical system,
  • Save time and money,
  • Reduce business owners stress,
  • Be ready for the biggest challenges,
  • Reduce cost,
  • Installs quickly, 
  • 24/7 support.



  • Uninterruptible UPS power battery backup system support, maintenance and implementation,
  • Uninterruptible UPS power system data-grade and clean power backup and power surge protection system design and infrastructure support, maintenance and installation,
  • Brownout, blackout and direct lightening strike protection system design, support, maintenance and installation, 
  • Uninterruptible UPS power system design and installation, support and maintenance for home and business,
  • Uninterruptible UPS power system remote management and monitoring, safe shutdown, generator set integration, battery and unit installation, maintenance servicing, repair and support.



S911 Support quality products, service and support stand apart from other IT companies. We assure your business needs are cared for with our award-winning, satisfaction Guarantee! Learn more


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