About Bleu C OPSE

S911 Bleu C Operational Process Systematization Eco-System is the rapidly growing international product of choice for quality engineered, continual services improvement, workflow and process mapping review and analysis, developing and documenting policies and functional operational process flows, standard operating procedures, organization development and process automation module technical requirements, acquisition regulations and site integration standards for your business demand needs. Bleu C Operational Process Systematization Eco-System installs quickly, immediately taking care of the support details to help to liberate your business, to develop, regulate and project manage important key responsibilities and functional operational areas, focused on, and involved in the process, at Board level.

S911 BLEU C Operational Process Systematization EcoSystem
S911 BLEU C Operational Process Systematization EcoSystem


Demand Needs

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Impact CSFs

performance expectations, attaining and maintaining unassailable position, business continuity, disaster recovery, reduce cost, readiness for the biggest challenges, time saving and efficiency creating, environment policy, facilities, infrastructure, IT, business process, procedures, planning and organization, acquisition, delivery support, privacy and security, services, contract, compliance, people, data, access control, tracking, learning and monitoring, processing capacity, storage capacity, operations maintenance, systems management and control, systems development, incident response, change management, quality and reliability, services support, continual services improvement, systematization


Carefully selected, our corporation / medium and small business-ready device and service plan options, help to simplify a confusing and essential technology for business environments of every type. We appropriately segment the best options to provide your business, a reliable and robust system of solving vulnerable IT and business continuity problems. Always on-time and on-budget, and with your choice of AI guided, single-interface management and control options that 100% satisfy the demand needs of your business, any size.


1. All models field upgradeable except B-CS1 and B-CS2.
2. All devices include a 5 year hardware warranty except for B-CS1 and B-CS2 which include a 3 year warranty.
3. 45 day GUARANTEE.
4. Every system is entitled to 30 days of Warranty service support per year, after which a fee will apply.
5. Service plan options available for cloud and cloud extended retention storage, and system support.
*Subject to few exceptions, terms and conditions.

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