OmniPro Professional Engineered CCTV Camera Video Surveillance and Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar


Professional Engineered CCTV Camera Video Surveillance and Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar provides Business Owners with enhanced 360 degree real-time awareness and monitoring of facilities and premises, people traffic and asset movement for better and more robust enterprise-level security, management and control that meet European and American international standards.

Service Plans


At lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment, Service Plans for OmniPro Professional Engineered CCTV Camera Video Surveillance and Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar provide robust warranty service and system support options, timely and comprehensive hardware and software maintenance and updates, unlimited phone support and free real-time dashboard access.


Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar: “The Perfect Tool for Border and Perimeter Protection”

Key features


Professional engineered enterprise-level CCTV camera video surveillance, thermal FLIR imaging radar, 360 degree real-time continuous situational awareness,

Multi-threat seek, find and target real-time and simultaneously, 

Alarm, SMS text, email network, Internet IoT handheld device notification and alert,

Multi-user network ready,

On-premise, remote access / VPN,

On-premise hybrid cloud network ready,

Cloud internet hosting ready,

Enterprise dashboard,

Software module, process and field security, management and access control,

Custom support, supervisory, management and executive reporting,

Audit trail,

System design, consultancy, system and software customization,

Software application development,

Implementation, maintenance, service, training, support and installation,

Quick installation, 

Reduce cost,

24/7 support. 


Thermal Imaging FLIR Radar Hydra 360 Degree Tracking of Multiple Enemy Targets and Threats – Award Winning FLIR Radar Solution


Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar.


ONVIF PTZ camera integrated and synchronized with Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar.


Fire Detection By Mobotix Thermal Camera – Award Winning Thermal FLIR Imaging

Key benefits


Unparalleled 360 degree real-time situational awareness and monitoring, 

Simplified comprehensive situation surveillance, awareness and enemy threat tracking,

Perfect for border security patrol, industrial operations, commercial, manufacturing and factory production process monitoring, ship yard, container yard, warehousing, and executive home,

Situation awareness for anywhere that needs continuous 24/7 comprehensive security monitoring, and that operates at threat and enemy find, seek and target mission requirements, 

Accurate and tenacious, faster than human response artificial intelligence AI analytics for mission enemy threat data analysis, alert and response,

Effective and award winning FLIR technology,

Automatic alerts and telemetry triangulation for response security forces and partner CCTV surveillance systems, 

Affordable continuous 360 degree ability to seek, find and target,

Geo-spatial GPS and mission telemetry tracking of enemy targets and threats for up to 10KM radius,

Communications options for satellite, business, national security, industrial and military third-party communications add-on,

Reduce loss, theft and vandalism,

Experience easier installation and more effective implementation,

Improve storage and accessibility,

Enable remote monitoring,

Scale more easily,

Distributed security intelligence,

Save time and money,

Reduce business owners stress,

Be ready for the biggest challenges,

Reduce cost,

Installs quickly, 

24/7 support.

Specialist service support


Thermal FLIR imaging radar, laser, integrated PTZ and IP CCTV camera video surveillance system design, maintenance service support and implementation,

Robust and high speed thermal imaging radar, 360 degree PTZ, IP camera video and network design, infrastructure installation, maintenance servicing and support,

State of the art thermal imaging, laser, 360 degree PTZ, GPS and telemetry tracking of multiple targets and threats geo-spatial technology systems design, maintenance, support and implementation, 

Artificial intelligence AI analytics support for mission surveillance data, alerts and tracking systems implementation,

IP CCTV camera video surveillance systems for home, business and remote viewing, recording and monitoring of people activities and assets from anywhere and real-time,

Camera environment monitoring support and installation for true video and true speech, fire detection, thermal, cold, alarm, motion, extra long distance thermal imaging, night vision tracking, enemy target and threat tracking, blindness or blind-spot headlight glare, extreme heat and cold, snow and ice, wind and rain, and hazardous environments.




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