Wired Network Engineering and Wireless Network Engineering Solutions Service Support

Wired Network Engineering or Wireless Network Engineering Solutions Service Support and Implementation

Reliable and professional enterprise-level wired or wireless network engineering solutions, installation, maintenance and design engineering services, support and implementation to European and American international standards for businesses, any size. 


Key features

  • Enterprise IT network operations center consultancy, 
  • IT network structured cabling sub-systems,
  • Network cabling and lines maintenance,
  • Copper and fiber optic cabling,
  • Wireless networks,
  • Windows Server, VMware, Cisco, HP and Dell enterprise networks,
  • International network and structured cabling standards,
  • International wireless network standards,
  • System design engineering, consultancy, overhaul, customization and optimization,
  • Implementation, maintenance, service, training, support and installation. 


The Structured Cabling Sub-systems


Key benefits

  • Generic cabling requirements for twisted-pair and optical fiber cables to international standards and specifications for performance, capacity, capability, safety, future applications and durability, 
  • Cabling for commercial (enterprise) buildings,
  • Cabling for industrial buildings, with applications including automation, process control, and monitoring,
  • Cabling for residential buildings, including 1200 MHz links for CATV/SATV applications,
  • Cabling for high-performance networks used by data centers,
  • Cabling for distributed wireless networks for building automation and IOT devices,
  • Reliable maintenance, inspection, testing and repair of all cabling infrastructure to international standards and specifications,
  • Compliance with international standards and specifications, 
  • Robust, reliable, fast and efficient cable and wireless enterprise network infrastructure,
  • Network performance and design that exceeds today’s demanding enterprise applications,
  • Grow and scale the enterprise network more easily to satisfy the changing demands of the business process, 
  • Be in control of adds, moves, changes and incidents,
  • Easily integrate technologies such as voice over IP, IPTV, CCTV, access control and time and attendance, process logic control, environmental monitoring, fire and alarm, simulations and FINTECH, gaming and development,  e-commerce and e-testing, enterprise communications and flagship software applications, home and building automation, AI and AR, and much more,
  • Management and control of the network from a single intelligent AI powered human interface, 
  • Save time and money,
  • Reduce business owners stress,
  • Readiness for the biggest challenges,
  • Reduce cost,
  • Installs quickly,
  • 24/7 support.



  • IT network operations center servicing, solutions and system design, maintenance services, support and implementation,
  • ITIL network operations center services consultancy, program development and management, certification and implementation,
  • Structured cabling sub-systems servicing, solutions and system design engineering, maintenance services, support and installation,
  • Robust and high speed wired and wireless WiFi network design, infrastructure installation,  maintenance and support,
  • Structured cabling and infrastructure solution design, network operation center installation, testing and certification,
  • Network operations and data center support and maintenance, implementation and systems management,
  • Fiber optics, telecommunications, electrical, uninterruptible power supply systems design and solutions, maintenance servicing, support and installation, 
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning HVAC, fire suppression, access control, surveillance and monitoring systems design, infrastructure installation, maintenance servicing, support and systems management.



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