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SAGE 50 (formerly Peachtree) Accounting or SAGE Intacct ERP Workflow and CRM Financial Business Accounting in the Cloud or On-premise

Successful Businesses and Business Development need smart planning and managing

Successsful Businesses and Business Development need financial business accounting software that feature professional GAAP and IFRS accounting modules plus workflow project management, customer relationship management CRM and enterprise resource planning ERP modules. SAGE 50 (formerly Peachtree) or SAGE Intacct empower business owners and enable small and medium businesses with tools and resources that integrate various manual and departmental processes, information systems and databases into a professional business support system that runs like a well oiled machine. Working together, SAGE 50 or SAGE Intacct accounting software modules help business owners to create and maintain a reliable and robust business information management system that involves management at Board level, and in real-time.

Making the care of vendors and customers and the managing and control of the business process better, in real-time

The availability of consistent and real-time data in the business decision making process improves the speed and accuracy of decision making. The management team can quicker identify impediments in the business process risking profit, cashflow, delivery times, productivity levels, quality of service and customer satisfaction. 

Financial controllers and cost accountant departments obtain an immediate, up-to-date picture of orders, work in progress, inventory and production stock levels making financial planning and purchasing decision making smarter and better. Production planning, quality assurance and control departments can better manage, track and control requirements efficiently assuring stock levels are in line with orders and delivery schedules. Human resource departments can identify the need for recruitment or redeployment in line with changing business needs.

Executive and senior management get involved having the overall picture of operations, can make better and more effective decisions on investment and resource allocation and respond quickly to changing business opportunities.

SAGE 50 (Peachtree) Accounting and SAGE Intacct ERP Workflow Accounting Solutions in the Cloud or On-premise by Support911®

Smart managing financial accounting, production inventory turnover cycle and workflow efficiency business needs plus Executive business development and business service support, IT support and implementation

Beginning by first understanding the business process through a patented assessment method that determines a reliable and sustainable solution of system support, Support911® Professionals can take care of the support details to satisfy the business needs of your process. Using our service, we help you to liberate your time, reduce cost, save time and money, reduce business owner’s stress, assure readiness for the biggest challenges, gain the sense of comfort, security and control you need to focus on important business development goals and objectives.

Why Small Businesses Need ERP Accounting Systems

Key Features

Taking care of the Support Details and Management Information

Bookkeeping, Business Accounting and Workflow  smart planning and managing.

Enterprise multi-functional accounting and business management solution that offers strengths in the following areas.

Financial Management – Enterprise accounting system support that is designed to be fully compliant with generally accepted accounting principles GAAP, with features and checkpoints that provide the accuracy and security to run your business with peace of mind.

Customer Management – Accounting system support that can help you organize, automate, and synchronize customer-related business processes, as well as reduce the costs of marketing and customer service.

Inventory Management – Keep orders flowing by tracking all your orders and avoid bottlenecks. Replenish inventory automatically. Keep the process moving.

Vendor Management – Easily view vendor/supplier information including purchase orders and payment at the click of a button.

Employee and Payroll Management – Manage payroll yourself from within the enterprise accounting system or choose from payroll services that include print-n-sign tax forms, e-filing, direct deposit, and even full service outsourced payroll.

Jobs Management – Proactively manage your projects, track job status, and satisfy your real time reporting needs. A single screen displays information relating to a particular job, customized to show exactly the data you need with links to details, and secured by the access rules you set.

Business Intelligence Reporting – Achieve and maintain financial health with the Cash Flow Manager and Collections Manager. Recognize opportunities and monitor trends using the 140+ built-in reports. Or, create customized reports using Enterprise Business Intelligence Reporting, a powerful Microsoft® Excel® based reporting solution that integrates with the Enterprise Accounting System.

Workflow Management – From one centralized place, manage your complete sales process, easily track all the moving parts of your order process, so nothing gets missed. Also, notify the next person in the process with a status and specific notes as needed. Automatically send notifications to designated employees, customers, or vendors once a task is completed.

Multi-User Management Security – Add up to 200 users and grant Role-Based access based on the screens they need to use. Easily managed in the admin center – permissions automatically apply on-premise and in the cloud, too.

Features specific for your industry – Guest Service, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Distribution,

Construction, and Non-profit – Our Enterprise Accounting System has industry-specific features that are designed to help specialized companies better manage operations by handling their specific functionality and reporting needs without sacrificing the strength and flexibility of a robust accounting solution.

Technical Features

Fixed Assets
eOnline BI Dashboard
eBank/Pay, ePOS
Office, Adobe PDF
Email, Calendar, Contacts
Free Software Maintenance Upgrades
Low-Cost Software Version Upgrades
400GB Storage (as minimum)
App Server On-premise
Free Hardware Maintenance Upgrades
Remote Access Desktop/IoT/Mobility
24/7 Service Support

Recommended Service Support Options

Implementation and Training
Business Development
Public Accounts

System Requirements

App Server



S911 Support business development and IT support and Implementation consultants can reliably assess, plan and computerise your business process, provide powerful and robust enterprise business accounting software, BI business intelligence and ecommerce tools to completely satisfy your business needs, support your winning process, and provide real-time management and control of the process, at Board level; on-premise and remote off-site, on your preferred IoT device.

Key Benefits

Strategical control,

Sustainable growth,

No additional IT resources,

Increased efficiency,

Decreased costs,

Data transparency,

Better performance,

Minimizing risks.


Real-time procurement, customer and vendor management knowledge of who is buying, where to sell, what is needed to make it, who will make it, when to buy it, who to deliver to, where to deliver it, what market wants, how to access new customers, how to keep profits, and much more, real-time at Board level. 


Peachtee / Sage 50 Professional, Premium and Quantum Accounting / Sage IntAcct Enterprise ERP / Quickbooks Enterprise – Our starting SME management accounting software; S911 Support consultants, can create powerful tools and enhancements for your sales / marketing and production operations accounting. 


AccountEdge – another of S911 Support starting SME management accounting software. We can create customize tools to enhance your unique business process and provide your business the edge you need to win.


POS point of sale counter top, bar-code inventory and warehouse SKU item tracking, IoT laptop and mobile handheld systems – robust and reliable S911 Support enterprise SME tools and enhancements support and satisfy the needs of your unique business process.

Enterprise computerisation of the business management and financial accounting system processes,

Enterprise computerised accounting software modules customized to take complete and total care of all your small to medium business multi-user accounting support needs,

Real-time management and control of the process, at Board level,

Fully integrated POS point of sale and ecommerce, 

Real-time procurement, customer and vendor management knowledge of:

who is buying?

where to sell?

what is needed to make it?

who will make it?

when to buy it?

who to deliver to?

where to deliver it?

what market wants?

how to access new customers?

how to keep profits?

and much more, real-time at Board level. 

Quick and easy to get started,

Easy customization,

User friendly for users and system operators,

Fits any business computerization need,

In addition to general accounting, easily simplify and take care of retail, service, jobs, small manufacturing, projects, multiple warehousing and inventory,

Bar-code inventory and warehouse SKU item tracking,

Office software integration, email and online customer and vendor management and payments, 

Fixed asset, depreciation, tax, and business financials and custom performance reporting, (Option)

HR, time and attendance, amd payroll, (Option)

Bank reconciliation and management reporting real-time,

Production ERP takes SME / SMB business accounting to enterprise corporation financial accounting,

Quickly upgrading, installing and taking care of the details,

Creating a product in the Workflow Accounting system software takes just 6 seconds,

Creating an order for a product takes just 3 seconds,

Interact with workers and machines on the production line in real-time, anywhere on desktop or mobile IoT device,

Collaborate with operations spread over multiple locations and time zones in real-time,

Complete customization to your unique process,

Rich and power packed MRP and BI business intelligence capabilities, real-time,

Advanced discrete manufacturing and job tracking and management,

Scalable to enterprise corporation business needs,

Modular and supports customization offering API and module integration with most recognized software and technologies,

Installs on-premise and runs in the cloud,

Runs on desktop, laptop, mobile device, handheld and browser,

Readiness for the biggest challenges,

Manage and control organization growth by performance,

Quality training and support by trusted and internationally experienced partners,

Reduce business owners stress,

Readiness for the biggest challenges,

Save time and money,

Reduce cost,

Installs quickly,

24/7 support.



Production ERP and MRP financial accounting, vendor and customer management, discrete manufacturing operations, distribution, inventory and warehousing software; on-premise, hybrid on-premise and cloud, and cloud hosted support and implementation,

Professional and premium management and point of sale accounting software; on-premise, hybrid on-premise and cloud, and cloud hosted software as a service SaaS support and implementation,

Financial, operations, process, and data tracking in real-time, on any IoT device, mobility, handheld, desktop computer and web browser,

All business modules provide key benefit to operations including ecommerce, API third party add-on sales force, one contact, office 365, payroll, CAD / CAM, AI, power packed Bus Intelligence / BI, big data analytics, custom and unknown developed,

Software installation system design, consultancy, support, maintenance, service, training and implementation.


Support911® quality products, service and support stand apart from other IT companies. We assure your business needs are cared for with our award-winning, satisfaction GuaranteeLearn more

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