Darktrace Enterprise Network Cyber-Security AI Immune System


Enterprise Network Cyber-Security A.I. Immune System is a world leader in Cyber-Security combining machine learning artificial intelligence. Darktrace cyber A.I. is engineered to provide better and more robust prevention and protection for organizations and processes at risk of interruptions and liabilities arising out of hacking, ransomware, computer viruses, malware, unknown cyber-threats, data breaches and espionage and subject to compliance regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Darktrace cyber-security A.I. delivers better and faster machine learning engineered cyber-security A.I., real-time and instantaneous data breach prevention and more robust protection of enterprise-level networks and business support processes for networks of any size. 

Key features


Enterprise network process cyber-security immune system uses AI machine learning algorithms to automatically and instantly detect, observe, learn and take prevention and protection action against all cyber-security and cyber-crime threats, known and unknown anomalies, within all types of networks, including physical, cloud and virtualized networks, as well as IoT and industrial control systems,

Automatic cyber-security and cyber-crime threat detection, prevention and protection action against all cyber-security threats including computer and network viruses, malware, ransomware, hackers, firewall faults and failures, software faults, network faults, insider threats and anomalies, hardware faults, policy faults and failures, cyber-crimes, and data breaches, 

International cyber-security, infosec and fintech standards,

International software development standards, 

Advisory Board, 

System design, consultancy, customization,

Implementation, maintenance, service, training, support and quick one hour installation.


Darktrace Antigena Enterprise Immune System: Version 3

Detects and classifies cyber-threats across your entire enterprise. Darktrace Enterprise is Darktrace’s flagship AI cyber defense solution.



About Darktrace

Darktrace is the world’s leading machine learning company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, the Enterprise Immune System uses AI algorithms to automatically detect and take action against cyber-threats within all types of networks, including physical, cloud and virtualized networks, as well as IoT and industrial control systems. A self-configuring platform, Darktrace requires no prior set-up, identifying advanced threats in real time, including zero-days, insiders and stealthy, silent attackers. Headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK, Darktrace has 30 offices worldwide.


Darktrace Corporate Overview


Key benefits


Learns ‘on the job’,

Continuously adapts in light of new evidence,

Catches threats before they do damage,

Real-time and retrospective threat analysis.

Works across on-premise network, virtualized environment, cloud and SaaS,

Protected data and confidential information,

Block hackers from stealing sensitive records or employee information,

Easily stay on top of any business security event,

Be compliant with regulations,

Antivirus and Antimalware,

Two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection/Prevention,

Save time and money,

Reduce business owners stress,

Be ready for the biggest challenges,

Reduce cost,

Installs quickly, 

24/7 support.

Specialist service support


Enterprise AI machine learning process and network immune system threat and anomaly prevention and protection for corporations, manufacturing, governments, municipalities, protective services, military, industrial operations, aerospace, aviation, education, health, IT, financial, hotel and tourism, food service, factories and food production, public services, small and medium businesses,

Instant AI machine learning cyber defense security response to all cyber threats and unknown anomalies to the process, network, virtualized network, data-center and cloud hosted data-center, data, IoT devices, software, firewall, gateway and internet service,

Instant AI machine learning cyber defense security response to all cyber threats and unknown anomalies, data breaches and intrusions, hacks, network and security or software design faults, computer viruses, ransomware and malware,

Enterprise system support, training and implementation, threat advisory and review board consultancy.




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