Cloud Network Micro Data Center Server Solutions Service Support

S911 Support Cloud Network Micro Data Center Server and Virtual Desktop Systems provide reliable and professional enterprise-level solutions, service support and implementation to European and American international standards for businesses, any size.


Key features

  • Enterprise cloud network micro data center server and virtual desktop system solutions on-premise technologies,
  • Secure remote access, secure remote VPN access and managed internet hosted cloud services,
  • International cyber-security, infosec and fintech standards,
  • International network and datacenter development standards,
  • International software development standards,
  • Advisory Board,
  • System design, consultancy, customization,
  • Implementation, maintenance, service, training, support and installation,
  • 24/7 support.



Key benefits

  • Design and implement the complete network quickly and with 80% less cost,
  • Virtual servers, network infrastructure, user desktop workstations all robust, super fast processing speed, efficient and cost effective to implement and maintain,
  • Simplify and integrate hybrid on-premise cloud and cloud hosted data-center infrastructure and applications, reliably and securely, and with 80% less cost,
  • Future proof network designs starting from small business scaling to any size,
  • On-premise, secure remote access, secure remote VPN access to network, applications and business process from any IoT device, handheld and approved API software application, real-time,
  • Increase network capacity, improve efficiency and performance,
  • Run any operating system, application software, accounting software, software as a service SaaS, ERP, SQL, Knowledge-base, power big data BI analytics and AI machine learning cyber defense tool,
  • Continuous production operations and business administration, on the same shared network resources, managed in a single AI management dashboard human GUI.
  • Continual instant backup, and instant data recovery and disaster recovery capabilities,
  • Instill and maintain the highest public, shareholder and stakeholder confidence levels in process and network performance, availability and integrity,
  • Ability to remotely take care of support details, supervise, manage and direct involvement at Board level, real-time,
  • Total management and control of process and information privacy, performance and activity monitoring, incident response and management, from anywhere,
  • Total security, prevention and protection from computer viruses, hacks, malware, ransomware and inside threats,
  • International third-party advice and expertise,
  • Save time and money,
  • Reduce business owner’s stress,
  • Be ready for the biggest challenges,
  • Reduce cost,
  • Installs quickly,
  • 24/7 support.



  • Cloud network virtual data center server and desktop on-premise system consultancy, design, support, maintenance and implementation,
  • Cloud network virtual data center server and desktop internet hosted consultancy, system design, support, maintenance and installation,
  • Network gateway inter-networking cloud and on-premise cloud server and network support, services installation and systems management,
  • Virtualization, system acceleration, consolidation and optimization of network servers, accounting software application server, CAD, ERP, CRM and MRP application server, SQL, Payroll and File server,
  • Backup data recovery and hosted application services programming, program management, monitoring and services improvement,
  • Process and data breach cyber-security threat prevention and protection consultancy, support and solutions,
  • Migration to and from cloud hosted to cloud on-premise and hybrid network,
  • License and software management, support and installation.



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