OmniPro Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation


Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation is a continual services improvement process of better and more intelligent business and office modernization, systematization, automation and optimization for service Professionals and enterprise Business Owners. At lower total cost of ownership, OmniPro Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation delivers a trusted robust and intelligent systematization, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery functional operating framework, at higher return on investment.


Successful Businesses and Business Development need smart planning and managing


All CEOs and self-employed Business Owners continually ask, what is needed? Why is it needed? How to make it? Who will buy it? What will they pay for it? Who will make it? Where to deliver it? What is needed to make it?

Successful CEOs and Business Owners would additionally ask, how to protect the process and the business investment in it? And, for the same management questions, additionally ask, how to manage the process, better than the competition? At lower cost? At higher return on investment, quality and value? And, how to make the process repeatable, more efficient, sustainable and unassailable?

Whilst there are many self-motivated business owners out there playing the role of self-employed Business Process Improvement and Digital Transformation service support, you cannot just build a growing business that’s sustainable without a solid foundation of Lean smart planning. Business Owners who build their business ad-hoc planning incur high cost of retrofitting, change management and high staff turnover. This group of Business Owners quickly realize you cannot fix the business process by thinking or choosing to appoint someone and simply expect them to deliver. The challenge of their finding the right improvements and enhancements is met with walls. A business process that chokes the Business Owner and staff needing ongoing mentoring and training to help them cope with the obvious project management show stopping impediments.


OmniPro Professional Accounting Tax Equity and Workflow AI Cloud Management System


Trying to develop and keep them sharp will eventually break the business and distract you from your business goals and objectives. You will find it costly and demotivating to make sure they have clear targets broken down into measurable Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s that you need to motivate and manage them towards.

Service Plans


At lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment, Service Plans for OmniPro Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation provide robust warranty service and system support options, timely and comprehensive hardware and software maintenance and updates, unlimited phone support and free real-time dashboard access.


Key Features


OmniPro Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation provides service Professionals and enterprise Business Owners with reliable and professional consulting services by our amazing Digital Transformation systematization strategists combining business support and a better way toward understanding and road-mapping turnkey, intelligent digital transformation strategy enhancements using our patented assessment method.

OmniPro Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation is a continual services improvement process that at lower total cost of ownership provides a trusted robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery functional operating framework at higher return on investment. OmniPro Professional Engineered Business Process Digital Transformation delivers strategy enhancements that assure better and more robust business support solutions that install quickly, that help to liberate Business Owner’s time, reduce Business Owner’s stress and assure readiness for the biggest challenges, reduce cost, improve on the sense of comfort, security and control required to keep focus on important business development goals and objectives.

Key Benefits


Taking care of the Business and Business Development Lean smart planning and managing service support details

Improved Efficiency and Reduce Cost
What does every organization crave? Customer satisfaction might be one of the benefits, but improved efficiency is a significant drive for digital transformation. Organizations are moving away from manual interventions, as effectiveness is beginning to become the critical phrase. When manual processes are replaced with electronic versions, there is a quicker process flow which is put into place, thereby making the organization efficiency model a success story to reckon.



Customer Experience
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance; for any organization, the customers come first. For this very reason, if an organization needs to measure their success, it’s important to understand the quality of customer satisfaction and the methods which are used to arrive at the final verdict. The better the customer satisfaction levels, the higher the digital transformation success rate for organizations.

Robust Decision Making
What helps businesses achieve the first two points? When the management has sufficient, well-planned data to make sound decisions, it shows in the success rate, brand suitability, and brand name of the business. The sounder the decisions, the better would be the chances of achieving the organizational goals in the long run. Eventually, these methods of driving organizational goals are what leads a business towards success.

Enhanced Profitability
Digital Transformation is best measured with profit margins at the end of the year. The higher the profits, the better would be the motivation of the employees, and more significant would be the trust of the customers in the brand. When profits are enhanced, more decisions can be taken towards improving efficiency in business processes, which can be geared towards improving customer service.

Better Market Penetration
New customers can be added to existing business norms by penetrating unexplored markets. When new products are marketed, it’s essential to perform segmentation, to gauge the quality of the target territory. With improved efficiency and better decision making, the process of market penetration becomes more effective, which helps bring in loyal customers. As the customer base expands, so will the need for profits and improved customer satisfaction.

When all these processes are combined, they form a chain, which leads to the achievement of the pre-defined business goals. Each benefit is interlinked with the other, which is required for reaching the overall organizational goals.

Sound decisions are always a requisite for better profitability and customer satisfaction, to drive the essence of digital transformation and efficiency within each organizational realm.


Third-Party Expertise

Infrastructure and Lean process audit assessment of facilities, process, systems support, IT,

Enterprise business process map and re-engineering consultancy,

Enterprise business process improvement and optimization consultancy,

Enterprise digital transformation consultancy,

Strategy framework,

Risk assessment,

Gap analysis,

Hardware, software, network and process assessment,

Security, management and access control assessment,

Information Technology infrastructure assessment,

Advisory Board,

International European and American management standards,

International European and American accounting standards,

Generally accepted accounting standards,

International security standards,

International continual Information Technology services management standards,

International continual Information Technology services and process improvement standards,

Business continuity, succession planning and disaster recovery consultancy,

Facilities and premises design strategy and consultancy,

Human resource management and consultancy,

System design, consultancy, system and software customization strategy,

Software application development strategy,

Implementation, maintenance, service, training, support and installation strategy,

Project management support,

Return on investment ROI,

Save time and money,

Reduce business owners stress,

Reduced cost,

24/7 support.


Added Benefits – “ITIL Framework”

Service Strategy,

Service Design,

Service Transition,

Service Operation,

Continual Service Improvement.


Added Benefits

Business process flow mapping and re-engineering consultancy,

RFP / TOR for procurement, custom software engineering and support systems design, development and process integration,

Process services improvement systems re-design support and implementation,

Discrete process tools for organization strategic planning toward digital transformation,

Standards and operating procedures recording, writing and documenting,

People and process enabling systems assessment, consultancy, integration, design, development, support, training and implementation,

Seamless and real-time IoT, sales, marketing, social media, inventory turnover / distribution cycle, operations, production / manufacturing cycle, vendor and customer relationship management, and business intelligence analytics reporting,

Real-time Board level involvement and direction in the process,

Integrated cyber-security immune system design, support and implementation,

Process flow, technical terms of reference and requirements for proposal preparation, project support and implementation,

Support, operations management and supervisor training and certification,

Process audit and compliance review consultancy to ITIL IT Infrastructure Library international standards.




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