S911 quality engineered smart IT support products

All our quality engineered smart IT support products provide Trinidad, Caribbean and North American small to medium size businesses, quality IT systems, service and support for the the business demand needs, any size; under total care package and fixed rate plan quality service terms.

  • Access Control System, 
  • Backup Data Recovery System, 
  • Big Data Analytics Management System, 
  • Cybersecurity Process Immune System, 
  • Delivery Support System, 
  • Email Support System, 
  • Helpdesk Support System, 
  • Human Resources Management System, 
  • Infrastructure Assessment System, 
  • Management and Project Accounting System, 
  • Network Operations Center System, 
  • Operational Process Application Development System, 
  • Operational Process Systematization Eco-System, 
  • Payroll Management System, 
  • Project Sales Marketing System, 
  • Small to Medium Business System, 
  • Surveillance System, 
  • Unified Communications Messaging System, 
  • Unified Social Media System, 
  • Uninterruptible Power System, 
  • Virtual Data Center System, 
  • Website Development System.

Why S911 quality engineered smart IT support is right for your business?

Starting at Only $19.95*

  • Designed affordable, and low cost,
  • All inclusive and modular, to custom fit your business,
  • Quick to install, immediately takes care of the support details,
  • Protection of process trade secrets, assured privacy, security and confidentiality, 
  • Motivate management, supervisory and support staff to work together and to maximize use of technology in the process,
  • Satisfy the total IT, business continuity and disaster recovery demand needs for your business,
  • Enhance your process with smart cloud IT product service plans and systems support,
  • Produce tangible target improvement to the process within 24 hours of installation and continually thereafter on a daily basis,
  • Satisfaction guarantee, warranty, after sales service and support to international standards,
  • Assure maximum up-time, availability, and readiness for the biggest challenges, 
  • Increase efficiency, by an average 300%,
  • Reduce cost, by an average 38%.
  • Unlimited phone support,
  • Computer service and IT support,
  • Make it right, and keep it right, with trained, knowledgeable and experienced S911 consultants, systems engineers and technicians, trustworthy and well positioned to provide smart IT support expertise,
  • Customer portal, providing up-to-date, confidential, private and secure dashboard balanced scorecard reporting and notifications for all IT systems and service support for your process, also fed to your preferred desktop and IoT handheld smartphone or tablet,
  • Advisory Board, recommendations for continual services improvement, reducing costs and increasing and keeping more profits,
  • Special discounts on S911 smart IT products, overhauls, expansions, upgrades and repairs.

*Subject to taxes, terms and conditions.

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