FLIR Camera Radar

Idle operations and HVAC and HSE employees frustrated? FLIR Camera Radar from Support911 is the solution.



Idle operations and HVAC and HSE employees frustrated? FLIR Camera Radar from Support911 is the solution.

FLIR Camera Radar from Support911 combines the right product specifications and service support to simplify your total HVAC thermal temperature management, monitoring and HSE environment quality assurance requirements.

Powerful industrial grade FLIR optical camera thermal radar performance tested, ranked and certified form the basis for FLIR Camera Radar’s robust managed heat visibility and thermal termperature detection, 360 degree IP CCTV, penetration tested Cloud imagery data storage and access capabilities.

Save time and money by your HVAC and HSE employess operating FLIR Camera Radar in the safety of your control room monitoring center or on the go from their mobile devices while maintaining total awareness of high value operations at safe distance. Consultation for determining the right product specifications for professional certified solution assures quality installation and operating longevity. Expert technical assistance is included via 24/7 Helpdesk service support from Support911. You immediately save time and money the moment you power on.

For our customers, idle operations and frustrated HVAC and HSE employees represent loss of both time and money, current and future business.

What is 24/7 Helpdesk from Support911 best used for?

HVAC. HSE. Industrial operations. Highways. Storage facilities. Warehouse facilities. High-risk environments. Border patrol crossing. Ocean and water-ways. Gas, liquid and flammable emissions. Open campus environments. Aviation and aerospace. Commercial. Government. Police. Private security.

Your employees can securely access FLIR Camera Radar from anywhere and anytime according to your work policy, making for maximum efficiency combining real-time storage and backup to the Cloud so your important information is always protected. FLIR Camera Radar technology from Support911 can upgrade and convert your existing IP CCTV equipment to the right specifications to meet functional operating requirements for upgraded FLIR camera radar functioning! FLIR Camera Radar assures you of the lowest total cost of ownership combining operating equipment, software, spare parts and service support over the complete solution life-time.

When you buy FLIR Camera Radar from Support911 your investment is protected by our award winning and industry recognized no-nonsense Support911 Service Plans. Combining Support911 GUARANTEE and Warranty, Support911 Service Plans ensure lifetime expansion and upgrading, service and support for maximum longevity, availability and protection of your investment for assured complete customer satisfaction, every time.

For product and pricing information, how to buy or how to register for our reseller program, please contact a Support911 executive.