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What are your claim options for the Yahoo settlement?

Yahoo is close to reaching a $117.5 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit over a series of data breaches that affected users between 2012 and 2016 — and you’re likely eligible for your $100 cut or free credit monitoring if you had an account during that time.

Here’s how to claim your $100 from Yahoo’s massive data breach settlement. More on This


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The Gap Between Strong Cybersecurity And Demands For Connectivity Is Getting Massive

The growing gap created from the explosive growth of IIoT devices won’t be closed all at once. It’s already too big for that fantasy to take place. An urgency exists, however, to stop relying on solutions that were built for a completely different networking environment. More on This

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The Tricky Ethics of Knightscope’s Crime-Fighting Robots

Five-foot-tall, 400-pound robots are on a mission to take a bite out of crime. The path there, though, is fraught with ethical pitfalls. More on This