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Running Windows 10? Critical update for Windows 10, version 1903, May 2019 release

Hope you’re having a good day. Not to be a downer, but if running Windows 10, you would have realized that Microsoft has been having a battle with updating Windows 10 for sometime. For a tested update that works to improve system performance and extend Windows 10 support to 2020 and up to 2025, follow the link to the Microsoft update. Although technical, failure to run this important update would mean that support for your computer would end Nov 2019. On the update page, there is an easy to follow BLUE ‘check for updates’ activator button for you to get going. Requirements for the update? Internet EXPLORER (the blue E icon) and NOT Google Chrome. When applying the update BE PATIENT with the part running the reinstall. It takes 20 minutes give or take. Although automatic, it is a complete operating system reinstall and without the risk of data loss. That said, it is always better to backup before running.* Our tests however, proved backup was not a must. Good luck and looking forward to your feedback!

Microsoft Windows 10, version 1903 Critical Update:

*If your system reports the captioned update is already installed, then please ignore this advice.

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