NOTPETYA is not Ransomware

Note that Shamoon actually deleted files, NotPetya goes about it slightly different, it does not delete any data but simply makes it unusable by locking the files and then throwing away the key. The end result is the same.

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NOTPETYA is a Cyber Weapon, not Ransomware

NotPetya is a destructive disk wiper similar to Shamoon which has been targeting Saudi Arabia in the recent past.

Recommended pro-active action: What good or best practices would I use to protect myself?

  1. Validate all email attachments, software and documents upon receipt prior to opening and being prompted for installation or making of changes.
  2. When opening websites that do not have a valid certificate, contact the source for verification. (Some local banks for example are in this state of online operating.)
  3. Check/validate/approve to run operating system updates before antivirus updates (see next for why.)
  4. Make backups in archive form regularly and according to your exposure to risk; check them for functioning at intervals.
  5. Do not keep backups on your computer which you backed up; store off site.

Source: Ransomware Attack Protect Your Data

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