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Nicole Eagan, Darktrace CEO, speaks at Hong Kong RISE: ‘When AI attacks’

Security intelligence is different to business intelligence. In business intelligence you collect data from all functional areas, continuously, and analyse it, then make a decision. You can do that in security intelligence, and you will fail miserably. You can collect information from all repositories in the world, web application firewalls, network firewalls, IPS’s, collect it, then you would come up with the best security decision or practices. But (by) the time that you come up with that best security decision you well might be dead, or under attack, or your money will be stolen, or your identity would be stolen or your website would be defaced.. the most important part of security intelligence is protection and prevention.

Tomorrow’s attackers are machines that can think—fighting back requires defenders to arm themselves with AI technologies too. The challenge is to build your immunity against them. Hear cases from the front lines of cyber defense with an eye towards what to expect from hackers by 2020.


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