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If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you’re at an increased risk of malware infection

Beware Windows 7 users: Malware campaign targeting IoT devices.

With Windows 7 end of life, important security patches are no longer researched or provided by Microsoft to end users,” Ori Bach, CEO of TrapX Security, told CNET. “This can leave anyone using Windows 7 susceptible to attack, not only by existing malware or attackers, but also by any new campaigns that develop in the future, which will exploit unknown vulnerabilities in Windows 7.

End of Windows 7 support hits industries like manufacturing particularly hard, as it relies on embedded devices running the OS that cannot be updated easily, leaving networks open to attacks like this. The malware in this campaign could cause IoT devices to malfunction, potentially harming workers on the manufacturing floor, disrupting production, and/or leaking sensitive data, according to the report.

To avoid attacks that target Windows 7 on your devices, Microsoft recommends that you either upgrade to Windows 10 (which you can still do for free), or buy a new Windows 10 machine. But if you’re a Windows 7 mainstay, you should at least follow these Windows 7 security tips to keep your device as safe as possible.

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