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Hyper-converged infrastructure HCI VMware storage Competitive Upgrade


For our customers, inability to work remotely represent loss of both current and future business.

Micro Data Center’s reliable and professional network management and virtualization, robust and high performance hyper-converged infrastructure HCI VMware and hyper-V storage from Support911 is the solution for perfectly simplifying your IT product specifications and service support for your total work and information sharing requirements.

Competitive Upgrade Offer

We want to make this decision a quick and easy one for you by offering you a Micro Data Center hyper-converged infrastructure HCI VMware storage solution at Competitive Upgrade prices! That means, at the lowest total cost of ownership. Don’t delay! This offer ends without notice!

Idle Employees and Frustrated Customers? Micro Data Center from Support911 is the solution.

Micro Data Center simple cloud network services from Support911 combines the right scalable cloud services computing product specifications and service support to simplify cloud services hardware consolidation, network management and virtualization, performance hyper-converged cloud infrastructure HCI and cloud service virtual machine VM storage, internet of things IoT and edge computing for your total work and information sharing requirements.

Powerful hot-swap, stackable and expandable HCI and VM storage, performance tested, ranked and certified, form the basis for Micro Data Center’s robust scalable computing, edge computing, hyper-converged infrastructure HCI and virtual machine VM storage capabilities.

Trusted performance and network cyber-security for any HCI and VM storage configuration you require for your combination of operating systems (e.g., Windows Server, Linux, UNIX), office applications (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySAP & SAP, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, Sage 50/300 Accounting, Accountedge, Quickbooks Express, Syspro, Daceasy, Micropay) and specialized application software (e.g. AI, CAD & CAM, Fluid Simulators, Access Control, HRIS, RM, Project Management, ERP & CRM, SAN & NAS).

Possibly the best Hyper-Converged Infrastructure HCI Virtual Machine VM Storage solution your money can buy in 2020.

Executive Chairman, ROI-Exchange, Canada

Save time and money with quick installation of your HCI and VM storage, scalable computing and edge computing strategy and product and service solution.

Micro Data Center from Support911 provides you with performance hyper-converged infrastructure storage design, management and maintenance solutions to your most challenging virtual machine storage, backup, scalable computing and edge computing work system and information sharing technical support challenges the moment you open the box and power on.

For our customers, idle employees and frustrated customers represent loss of both current and future business.

Your employees can securely access Micro Data Center from anywhere and anytime according to your work policy, making for maximum efficiency combining real-time backup to the Cloud so your important information is always protected.

Micro Data Center technology from Support911 can upgrade and convert your existing IT equipment to the right specifications to meet functional operating requirements for upgraded micro data center functioning! Micro Data Center assures you of the lowest total cost of ownership combining operating equipment, software, spare parts and service support over the complete solution life-time.

When you buy Micro Data Center from Support911 your investment is protected by our award winning and industry recognized no-nonsense annual, monthly and no-contract Support911 Service Plans.

Combining Support911 GUARANTEE and Warranty, Support911 Service Plans ensure lifetime expansion and upgrading, service and support for maximum longevity, availability and protection of your investment for assured complete customer satisfaction, every time.

What is Micro Data Center from Support911 best used for?

Cloud architect. Cloud network architect. Cloud network implementation. Cloud network support and management. DRaaS. SaaS. Network infrastructure and systems modernization. Backup data recovery. Upgrade of your existing network. Virtualize your existing servers and network. Improve speed and performance of your IT and business system support. Increase virtual machine storage and performance. Enable the ability to work from remote, home and anywhere with an Internet and wifi connection. Home business office. Commercial office. Professionals. Entrepreneurs. Schools. Government small office. Limited budget. Limited space. Small or non-existent IT support or employees. Longevity. Security. Growth. Change management. Expansion. Increasing efficiency and productivity. Protecting corporate information from insider hacks, cyber threats and attacks. Reducing cost.

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