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Free Interactive Fiber Atlantic Map

Here’s the Free Interactive Fiber Atlantic Map and the accompanying update notes from the responsible. As always, a big thank you to all at Free Interactive Fiber Atlantic Map!

Free Interactive Fiber Atlantic Map

Fiber Atlantic announced in 2019, that after creating and maintaining the Fiber Atlantic map over the last few years, it is now time to move on. Fiber Atlantic will be joining forces with Infrapedia ( At Infrapedia I will be working alongside Mehmet Akcin and a team of engineers to bring you the best online telecommunications infrastructure map on the planet.

Just like Fiber Atlantic, the map provided by Infrapedia is freely accessible (after a quick registration) and will be updated regularly. You can access the map here:

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Infrapedia Free Interactive World Internet Infrastructure Map

Here’s a copy of the original Fiber Atlantic map, by Infrapedia (

Library of Articles

The library of articles is also still available (but will be moved to another home in the future):