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Cyber Resilience Made Simple

Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.

It has emerged over the past few years because traditional cyber security measures are no longer enough to protect organizations from the spate of persistent attacks.

According to Mimecast’s The State of Email Security Report 2020, 31% of organizations experienced data loss due to lack of cyber resilience preparedness.

Cyber resilience helps an organization protect against cyber risks, defend against and limit the severity of attacks, and ensure its continued survival despite an attack.

The Four Elements of Cyber Resilience

The IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework recommends a four-part approach to cyber resilience:

Manage and Protect

First element

The first element of a cyber resilience program involves being able to identify, assess and manage the risks associated with network and information systems, including those across the supply chain.

It also requires the protection of information and systems from cyber attacks, system failures and unauthorized access. 

This stage should cover:

  • Malware protection 
  • Information and security policies 
  • The formal information security management program 
  • Identity and access control 
  • Security teams’ competence and regular training
  • Security staff awareness training 
  • Encryption 
  • Physical and environmental security 
  • Patch management 
  • Network and communications security 
  • Systems security 
  • Asset management   
  • Supply chain risk management

Identify and Detect

Second element

The second element of a cyber resilience program depends on continual monitoring of network and information systems to detect anomalies and potential cyber security incidents before they can cause any significant damage.

This stage should cover:

  • Security monitoring 
  • Active detection

Respond and Recover

Third element

Implementing an incident response management program and measures to ensure business continuity will help you continue to operate even if you have been hit by a cyber attack, and get back to business as usual as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This stage should cover:

  • Incident response management 
  • ICT continuity management  
  • Business continuity management  
  • Information sharing and collaboration

Govern and Assure

Fourth element

The final element is to ensure that your program is overseen from the top of the organization and built into business as usual. Over time, it should align more and more closely with your wider business objectives.

This stage should cover:

  • A comprehensive risk management program 
  • The continual improvement process 
  • Governance structure and processes 
  • Board-level commitment and involvement 
  • Internal audit 
  • External certification/validation

The benefits of cyber resilience

A cyber-resilient posture helps you to:

  • Reduce financial losses;
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements: regulations such as the NIS (Network and Information Systems) Regulations and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) call for improved incident response management and, in some cases, business continuity management;
  • Improve your culture and internal processes; and
  • Protect your brand and reputation.

How we can help you develop cyber resilience is a leader in global cyber risk and privacy management consultancy. We advise businesses on their most critical issues and present cost-saving and risk-reducing solutions based on international best practice and frameworks. Just as we’ve helped hundreds of other organizations globally, we can help you.

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Technology and Data Support Made Simple

When you become a customer you will automatically have access to a professional and reliable technology and data support partner for vendor certified 1st and 2nd tier level technical support at enterprise service level. Whether you have a challenge with installation or deployment, design strategy or troubleshooting, configuration or just need a little hand holding, we are here to help you. Think of us as a part of your team like a well oiled machine.

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Technology and Data Support Standout Features

Computer Support for Cloud Services / Cloud Networks / Cloud Servers

Support for Virtual / Virtualized Networks

Computer Support for On-Premise Networks / On-Premise Servers

Computer Support for Cloud Storage / Backup and Data Recovery / Office / Accounting and Financial Software as a Service / SaaS

Computer Support for Bitdefender Anti Virus / Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security / Elite / Ultra / EDR

Computer Support for Sophos Intercept-X / ESet / Attack Simulator / Case Management SaaS

Computer Support for Cyber Security / Cyber Resilience

Computer Support for Darktrace Cyber AI Security for Networks / Darktrace for Cloud / Darktrace for Endpoints / Darktrace for Microsoft Exchange / Darktrace for Email / Darktrace for Ransomware / Darktrace for Supply Chain

Computer Support for Endpoint Protector

Computer Support for FUDO Security / FUDO Security Privileged Access Management / Privileged Session Management

Computer Support for Heimdal Security

Computer Support for Naverisk

Computer Support for NordVPN Teams

Computer Support for Trustifi Email Security

Computer Support for Dell Servers / Computers / Laptops

Computer Support for HP Servers / Computers / Laptops

Computer Support for Datto

Computer Support for Netapp Data Management

Support for Electrical / Electronic / UPS / Generator / K-Rated Transformer Power Supply

Computer Support for Cyber Attack Forensics / Computer Viruses / Anti Virus

Computer Support for Viruses / Exploits / Computer Virus Removal / Network Viruses

Computer Support for Ransomware Attack / Virus Infections / Exploits

Computer Support for Ransomware Removal / Decryption

Computer Support for Hacks / Data Breach

Computer Support for Managed Endpoint Protection Detection and Response

Computer Support for Cisco / Fortinet Routers / Fortigate Firewalls and SD-WANs

Computer Support for Sonicwall Routers / Firewalls and VPNs

Computer Support for Checkpoint Routers / Firewalls

Computer Support for Cisco Routers / Firewalls / and SD-WANs / VPNs

Computer Support for Watchguard Routers / Firewalls / Multi-Factor Authentication / SD-WANs

Computer Support for Zero-Trust / VPNs / WAN Internet Communications

Computer Support for Computerization / Deployment / Installation / Adds / Moves / Changes

Computer Support for H&E / Hands and Eyes

Computer Support for Account Edge MYOB / Quickbooks / Quicken

Computer Support for Peachtree Accounting / Sage Professional Accounting / Sage Quantum Accounting / Sage ERP / CRM

Computer Support for Syspro Accounting ERP / CRM

Computer Support for Microsoft Dynamics Accounting ERP / CRM

Computer Support for Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft Outlook / Email / Microsoft Azure

Computer Support for Google Cloud

Computer Support for Amazon Web Services AWS

Computer Support for Microsoft SQL Database

Computer Support for Oracle

Computer Support for Custom Software / Applications Development

Computer Support for SMB / Home Users

Computer Support for IT Management

Computer Support for Systems Administrators

Computer Support for Executives / Management Users

Computer Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 / 2016 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003

Computer Support for Microsoft Windows 10 / 7 / XP

Computer Support for Microsoft Windows Desktop

Computer Support Consulting for Information and Technology

Computer Support Consulting for Data / Software Customization and Development

Computer Support for Linux Server / Workstation

Computer Support for Mac iOS / Quadra Server

Support for Datacenter Infrastructure Management

Support for Operations Workflow Management

Support for Mobility / IIoT Support

Computer Support for Cloud / Cloud Architect for Microsoft Azure

Computer Support for Cloud for Amazon Web Services / AWS

Computer Support for Cloud for Google Web Services

Computer Support for Mergers, Acquisitions, Bolt-On and Add-On Tooling

Technology and Data Support Pricing Information

Below are the total costs for these different subscription durations.

Additional taxes or fees may apply. also provides private offers tailored to your deployment scenario, no matter the size. For a tailored offer, request a quote at, contact your representative or call (408) 426-5522.

Size BusinessDescription12 MONTHS*
30-day TrialFree Proof of Value (POV)$0
Small200 Client Users$30,000
Medium1,000 Client Users$60,000
Large10,000 Client Users$100,000

*Get one commensurate cloud computing and cyber security technology and data business support solution each; for Free, with your choice of Support service plan.

Usage Information

Fulfillment Options

Managed Service is a delivery model for outsourcing specialized services plus vendor certified 1st and 2nd tier level support whereby the vendor supports / manages / operates (in the case of Software-as-as-Service or SaaS) the provided services over the Internet and on-premise. Customers pay for using the service without the concerns associated with owning the underlying tools and resources. With Managed Service Contracts, customers will pay for service provided through their bill.

End User License Agreement

By subscribing to this product you agree to terms and conditions outlined in the product End User License Agreement (EULA)

Support Information

The Support Solution

Customer Portal support tickets and Phone support

(408) 426-5522

Refund Policy

Per terms.

Try it out with a free trial

Whether you’re wanting to try or ready to buy, our cloud specialists will help you get what you need to protect and enhance your network.

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FUDO Security

Privileged Access Management Made Simple

FUDO Security Privileged Access Management and Privileged Session Management provides every possible tool to supervise privileged remote sessions, including live sessions viewing, session sharing for both Fudo users as well as third parties. Smooth and rapid integration into any IT infrastructure. Second to none, it’s plug & play for your security needs.

Manage privileged access in your browser. An intuitive GUI and easy configuration allow you to start working in as little as 5 minutes after installation is complete, using native RDP/SSH or database client.

Standout Features

Deploy Privileged Access Management and Privileged Session Management In One Day

The fastest deployment on the market.

Keep An Eye On Everything

Top-notch session monitoring and recording.

Collaborate On A Live Session

No VPN required.

Increase Productivity

Make sure your subcontractors are doing their best.

Privileged Access Management Made Simple

Keep Control Of Remote Sessions

When you need to know and control everything within your organization, when you need to intervene at a moment’s notice, that’s when FUDO Security’s PAM’s proactive monitoring gives you the power to detect and terminate any suspicious activity.

Easy Password Management

Managing and storing your passwords has never been easier, or more secure. With our Secret Manager, it’s all about compliance without the need for any third-party plugins.

Optimize The Work Of Your Contractors

Running your business at peak efficiency is paramount. We agree, and with FUDO Security’s Efficiency Analyzer we give you the most sophisticated tool to measure the productivity of your enterprise. Keeping your organization at the speed of business.

Double-Check Critical Operations

With today’s never ending threat environment you need all the help you can get to stay secure. With 4-eyes authentication we provide you with an additional layer of security that ensures your infrastructure isn’t compromised. We always keep convenience in mind, that’s why you can use superadmin approval on-the-go, with our mobile app

Go Through Hours Of Footage In Seconds

Seeing is believing, and with our Full OCR you’re able to get the complete picture, inside and out. Search an entire session and be in the know.

Share And Collaborate On A Session With Anybody

With ongoing tasks and projects problems need to be solved fast. We give you the ability to join, collaborate and take over a remote session so you always stay in control.

A Comprehensive Approach

Session Monitoring

Allows for seamless live session streaming. The web-based content player supports session joining while FUDO PAM’s proactive monitoring feature can automatically terminate a connection upon detecting a predefined pattern.


A complete password management solution. Automatically generated passwords are stored securely while their customizable complexity ensures that they follow your organization’s compliance regulations.

Efficiency Analyzer

A state-of-the-art business intelligence tool which measures the productivity of your users and your organization. Additionally, it’s an all-in-one feature which doesn’t require any third-party plugins.

Try it out with a free trial

Whether you’re wanting to try or ready to buy, our cloud specialists will help you get what you need to protect your network.

or call (408) 426-5522