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Star Trek Communicator

The communicator in the Star Trek universe surpasses the capabilities of modern mobile phone technology, the prototypes of which it inspired. It allows crew members to contact starships in orbit without relying on an artificial satellite to relay the signal. Communicators use subspace transmissions that do not conform to normal rules of physics in that signals can bypass EM interference, and the devices allow nearly instantaneous communication at distances that would otherwise require more time to traverse. Learn more

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Flip Phone Is Back

If you’re a fan of foldable phones, February has been a good month. Motorola launched its new Razr foldable phone, with retro looks, a clamshell design and a tall folding screen.

On Tuesday at the Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco, the Galaxy Z Flip debuted, which also has a flip-phone design with a foldable screen. The Razr and Galaxy Z Flip have as much in common, like their tall 21:9 ratio screens, as they do that’s different, including the fact that Motorola’s foldable screen is plastic while Samsung uses a piece of ultrathin glass. Learn more

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