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McLaren signs up Splunk and Darktrace as F1 2020 technology partners

The Woking-based team has also announced that it has signed up security firm Darktrace to be its official AI cybersecurity partner, helping protect the business from cyberattacks of all sizes.

The team says that Darktrace technology will give McLaren complete visibility across its entire digital infrastructure – from IoT sensors on each F1 car to the cloud-based software that fuels operations – and identify threats as soon as they emerge.


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Will Self-Taught, A.I. Powered Robots Be The End of Us?

This distinguished panel of A.I. creators is leading the way to A.I. rapidly becoming sentient. To what end? Find out! Watch This!

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Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar: “The Perfect Tool for Border and Perimeter Protection”

Thermal FLIR Imaging Radar 360 Degree Situational Awareness

Security intelligence is different to business intelligence. Thermal Radar utilizes a best in class rotating FLIR thermal sensor and applies edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify and Geo-Spatially locate any incursion that may threaten your perimeter. Thermal Radar detection alerts generate not only a GPS coordinate of the intruder’s specific location but also a thermal image of the intrusion. By providing accurate GPS coordinates upon detection, Thermal Radar provides many of the same net results of a traditional radar while remaining a completely passive and undetectable intrusion system. Thermal Radar can be a standalone detection outpost on an expansive border project or the centerpiece of an integrated physical security strategy at your most critical facilities.

Key Benefits of FLIR Thermal Imaging Radar

  • 24/7 continuous 360 degree situational awareness and geospatial alerts,
  • Seek, find, target multiple threats or enemy targets simultaneously,
  • Suitable for offshore, coastline, borders, operations and logistics, aerospace, shipyard, ports, and anywhere your process needs 24/7 continuous situational awareness intelligence,
  • Integrates with communications options including satellite, GPS, 3rd party PTZ, VMS,
  • Installs quickly,
  • Saves time and money,
  • Saves lives and protects assets.

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