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Attack Forensics | Bitdefender Gravityzone Elite | 24/7 Cybersecurity MDR – Video Demo

24/7 Cybersecurity’s Managed Endpoint Detection & Response MDR / EDR from Support911

Knowing your specific threat environment helps your organization to reinforce your security posture against key vectors that the cyber-attacks (e.g., malware, computer viruses, ransomware, hacks, trojan ware and zero day threats) on their infrastructure exploit. To enable this, Bitdefender has uniquely integrated the Attack Forensics and Visualization functionality into GravityZone Elite Cloud, Business Security and Ultra, award-winning next-generation A.I. endpoint-protection platform. This product demonstration shows how you can leverage Bitdefender GravityZone Attack Forensics and Visualizations to gain insight into your unique threat landscape and conduct forensic analysis by zeroing in on threats specifically impacting your organization, visualizing the attack kill chain, and performing required remediation.

GravityZone Elite Attack Forensics and Visualizations | Bitdefender | Video Demo


Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security PDF

NGZ Network Traffic Security Analytics PDF

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