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Why do computers and other electronics fail to start after they are not plugged into power for extended period of time? COVID19 Remote Worker Woes

Some of you would be experiencing electronics at the office failing to start after they are not plugged into power for extended period of time of COVID-19 lockdown. What’s the most probable reason for that?

Quora BLOG: “Many devices that are not used might have components that dry out or become defective due to some chemical reaction in the components. One component in electronic devices that does this are capacitors that contains material that when dry for long periods will be come defective. And when the device is powered up other components that depend on these capacitors can be damaged due to not getting the correct voltages to operate. We see less of this today in modern electronic devices due to them operating on lower voltages and not having the need for older component designs, but it can still happen.”

This is also supported by our years of Support experience and IEEE white papers on degradation of electronics, namely capacitors.



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What Coronavirus symptoms look like day by day

A mild case of COVID-19 is not like having a cold or flu. #coronavirus #symptoms #scienceinsider

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WhatsApp puts strict limit on message forwarding to help fight COVID-19 misinformation

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues, there has been a rapid increase in the volume of false information and scams related to new about the diseases being shared either maliciously or accidentally, through all types of social media, leaving big tech companies trying to crack down.

It’s the latest step by WhatsApp to limit how fast messages can spread: in January last year it already set limits on forwarding messages to constrain virality, allowing users to only forward messages to five chats at once. WhatsApp said this caused a 25% decrease in total message forwards globally.

The company said it bans two million accounts per month for attempting to send bulk or automated messages. Learn more