Why Small Businesses Need ERP Accounting Systems

Pros and Cons of ERP Systems for Small to Medium Businesses ERP, or enterprise resource planning, software enables small businesses to replace different departmental information systems and databases with programs that work together and utilize a single database. ERP software is available for key business functions such as order processing, production control and finance. Time… Read More

Time Is Now For Social Media and Digital Marketing Intelligence to Grow Your Business

Social Media and Digital Marketing Intelligence is similar to Security Intelligence Your business process must empower your resources to, Be available for your customer. Know your customer’s needs. Do serve your customer’s needs, to satisfaction, and if all goes well, Keep your customer’s business coming back. The bonus? Grow your business!     Product Overview… Read More

Goodbye to Edge: Microsoft is building a new, faster browser

Microsoft deletes the Edge browser and plans to build a faster one based on Chromium, the open source program behind Google Chrome Microsoft (Photo by Beata Zawrzel / NurPhoto / Getty Images) Microsoft has started working on a new browser that, using Chromium technology, would replace Microsoft Edge . Since its appearance, in lieu of Windows Explorer,Microsoft Edge has never been very… Read More