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Poly Introduces Microsoft Teams Room Solutions

Poly, previously Plantronics and Polycom, recently introduced a new solution for meaningful collaboration and communication. UC Today’s Rebekah Carter reports The new series of Poly Microsoft Teams Room solutions are now available for today’s companies. Poly’s G10-T, G40-T, and G-80T promise a new kind of team experience for businesses. The solutions come with audio and video tools to deliver superior conversations for users on Microsoft Teams.

What’s more, with Poly’s room solutions, IT managers will be able to easily scale meeting rooms to suit any kind of discussion. The new Poly Room solutions for Microsoft Teams are particularly valuable as Teams usage continues to skyrocket. Currently, Teams has 75 million daily active users, increasing the need for consistently great collaborative experiences on any device.

Leading the Way to Better Meeting Rooms

As work environments continue to evolve, IT teams need more flexible and scalable devices. The Poly Room solutions for Microsoft Teams will offer customisable experiences for virtual collaboration with virtually no-touch control.

According to VP and General Manager for Room collaboration at Poly, Tim Root, as more customers recognise the need for video-based collaboration, we all need to stay connected with the right tools. Poly Room solutions for Microsoft Teams will make meetings feel effortless. Offering unbeatable quality in video and audio, all participants can feel like a valuable part of the conversation. Poly even partnered with the ThinkSmart team for a more enterprise-class solution.

The Poly Rooms use vPro technology to provide more secure and reliable platforms for meeting. Joseph Mingori, the General Manager of Lenovo Smart Office Business, said that Lenovo is thrilled to join forces with Poly to provide a Room Solution for Microsoft Teams. The Room solutions feature ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, designed to serve the needs of modern companies.

The Latest Tools for Best in Class Meetings

Poly’s Room solutions for Microsoft Teams join the impressive family of products from the Poly Studio X range. These solutions will also include native experiences for Microsoft Teams video.

As enterprise and SMB customers work on deploying their entire collaboration environment into Teams, Poly’s Room Solutions for Teams will unlock access to the latest tools. Employees will have best-in-class video and audio experiences. This includes automatic group framing and speaker tracking.

Poly Room solutions also deliver premium Poly audio and video for Teams while providing a clean and intuitive experience from start to finish. Installation is simple, and there’s little maintenance required. A lack of cords means that set-up is a no-fuss experience so that teams can focus on true collaboration. Poly Room Solutions for Teams is just the latest offering in a host of Teams services from Poly. Poly’s relationship with Microsoft spans more than 15 years.

Poly now has the most certified speakerphone and headset devices for Teams on the market, including the Trio C60, Voyager 4200, Voyager 6200, Calisto 5300, and Blackwire 3300, 5200 and 8225.

According to Microsoft Teams devices partner Director, Ilya Bukshteyn, customers look to Microsoft and Poly to provide a complete and seamless collaboration experience. The Poly team brings the customers of the joint companies a wide selection of devices to choose from.

The Poly Room Options Available

Poly’s Room solution for Microsoft Teams Room comes with a range of configuration options to choose from. You can easily support both small and large rooms alike with the:

  • G10-T: A basic kit including the Poly GC8 controller, VESA wall mount kit, Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, and 10m USB cable
  • G40-T: A solution for small to mid-sized rooms, featuring the Poly GC8 controller, VESA wall mount kit, Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, and 10m USB cable and Poly Studio USB
  • G80-T: Intended for mid to large rooms, featuring Poly GC8 controller, VESA wall mount kit, Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, and 10m (25m or 40m) USB cable, EagleEye Director II, and Trio C60

At the end of May, Tom Puorro, the EVP of products, and Ilya Bukshteyn discussed the many ways that companies will be able to access these new tools for the future of cloud collaboration in a live round table.

The Poly Room solutions for Microsoft Teams will start shipping in the coming months. As each solution gains Microsoft Teams certification, it will roll out to select regions by the Poly team. You can find out more about when the Microsoft Teams Room solutions from Poly are coming to your area on the Poly website.

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Why do computers and other electronics fail to start after they are not plugged into power for extended period of time? COVID19 Remote Worker Woes

Some of you would be experiencing electronics at the office failing to start after they are not plugged into power for extended period of time of COVID-19 lockdown. What’s the most probable reason for that?

Quora BLOG: “Many devices that are not used might have components that dry out or become defective due to some chemical reaction in the components. One component in electronic devices that does this are capacitors that contains material that when dry for long periods will be come defective. And when the device is powered up other components that depend on these capacitors can be damaged due to not getting the correct voltages to operate. We see less of this today in modern electronic devices due to them operating on lower voltages and not having the need for older component designs, but it can still happen.”

This is also supported by our years of Support experience and IEEE white papers on degradation of electronics, namely capacitors.



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These Five 5 Digital Solutions Can Help Your Company Grow

Five 5 digital solutions that can help growing companies survive threats to functional operational and IT, thrive if exposed to natural disasters, and provide powerful enhancements that secure your business’ unassailable position.

Digital and cloud enabled systems support IT solutions are no longer optional for businesses. Growing companies must embed a digital-first approach into every facet of the business process if they expect to grow in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Contributing Source: Jason Albanese, Co-founder and CEO – | Published Sep/21/2017

Amazon made headlines again when they recently announced they’ll be hiring 50,000 jobs across the country. Considering this hiring surge accounts for nearly one-quarter of the 222,000 jobs that the U.S. added in June of this year, I think it’s safe to assume Amazon is experiencing a growth phase.

Yet, as with any expansion, Amazon is likely facing a slew of challenges as they welcome new workers into the fold. Is each facility prepared to handle the influx of employees? Can the current human resources system manage a massive spike in users? Is the company generating enough revenue to support 50,000 new wages?

I have no doubt that Amazon is well prepared to handle this expansion, but this is not always the case for most businesses. In fact, last year, the Kauffman Foundation and Inc. Magazine discovered that nearly two-thirds of companies that had previously been on Inc.’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies list had either been sold, reduced, or gone bust.

While growing pains can make or break a company, there are a number of digital solutions you can adopt that will make the expansion much easier. Why? Because companies that embed digital into their everyday operations are more agile than traditional businesses when it comes to managing change. This agility will come in handy when you need to make a last-minute pivot to handle the demands that come with any growth phase.

So, if you’re going through growing pains (or are hoping to in the near future), here are five digital solutions you’ll want to consider:

Don’t Ignore Mother Nature – Plan Now to Ensure Business Continuity When Disaster Strikes

1. Incorporate data into everyday decision-making

As your company grows and expands, it’s important to keep a close eye on performance both internally and externally. And the best way to monitor this is by measuring and tracking data. With the right data-driven dashboard in place, you’ll be able to:

  • Empower leaders to make difficult hiring and firing decisions by using data that backs those decisions.
  • Put new policies into place that are supported by persuasive numbers.
  • Provide leadership with a better idea on where operations may need to change, which will enable them to streamline the business.

But, for many smaller companies, the first step is to start tracking and storing data in the first place. Unlike larger corporations, small businesses tend to be lacking in this area.

If you want to start tracking data externally, consider implementing a customer relationship management tool and investing in analytics on your website, marketing campaigns, or apps. For internal data tracking, project management tools and time-tracking software can yield a treasure trove of insight. In both cases, however, you’ll need to put controls in place that will enable you to collect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use dashboards to contextualize the data.

2. Ditch the paper

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Growing a business puts a demand on resources, so you’ll want to find ways to cut costs throughout the process. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to ditch the paper.

Whether it’s by getting rid of paper contracts, enforcing a new policy on e-statements, or removing printers from the office, digital communications can save your company quite a bit of money. It will also dramatically streamline your processes and operations.

3. Create an omni office environment

I touched on this in a recent article, but if you’re outgrowing your current office space, then consider what it might take to create an omni office workspace for your employees.

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While companies like IBM and Yahoo are no longer allowing employees to work remotely, a hybrid approach with support for remote workers might be the best solution when it comes to creating an effective work-from-home policy. But no matter what you decide to do, enabling your employees to spend some time working from home can help keep overhead costs low, while potentially increasing productivity.

4. Secure important functional operational areas

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Cloud mostly refers to the hosting of virtualized systems infrastructure and data in some datacenter aside from your own. In particular, this applies to office software and management and project accounting software as a service in, the cloud. What does this mean for small business organizations and large corporations that need protection of proprietary information to assure their company’s continued survival and success in highly competitve markets and challenging political and economic times? Most manufacturers, government agencies and public / private sector corporations would want to consider the risks. How would disruption in functional operational areas impact on market position and bottom-line in the face of IT systems anomalies, cyber-attack, hurricane management or other natural disasters?

I have to agree that eliminating tape, disk to disk, courier and select file backup protocols with tech savvy Virtual Private Cloud VPC on-premise continual backup would not only save your company tens of thousands per month, but when combined with cloud enabled IT backup and systems support, could make the difference between surviving threats mentioned above, and thriving in the face of these threats, while attaining assured readiness for the biggest challenges, and reduced cost.

Micro Data Center

5. Constantly monitor the latest technology trends

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Can virtual assistants improve your company’s order fulfillment process? Can AR or VR enable your team to create prototypes that are easily shared across continents? Will IoT devices and smart sensors work to reduce manufacturing costs? Maybe or maybe not, but if you are not at least aware of these trends, you will not be able to make informed decisions about which might be applicable to your company.

The latest technology trends could be the key to getting your company through a growth phase with ease. But if you don’t know what’s happening, then the opportunity to integrate this tech into your operations will never see the light of day.

If growth and expansion are on the horizon for your business, you’ll want to make sure your company is digitally mature before you get too big to function. You can bet Amazon is taking full advantage of digital solutions as they expand their workforce and you can do so today by taking the above into account.


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