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California man alleges AT&T employees helped perpetrate a SIM-swap and theft of over $1.8M including cryptocurrencies

“While third parties had control over Mr. Shapiro’s AT&T wireless number, they used that control to access and reset the passwords for Mr. Shapiro’s accounts on cryptocurrency exchange platforms including KuCoin, Bittrex, Wax, Coinbase, Huobi, Crytopia, LiveCoin, HitBTC,, Liqui, and Bitfinex.” More on this


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Buffet’s bath in 2011 made the $12B dollar difference in return on investing in Bank of America

Gotta love Warren Buffet. Down to earth, he made the $5B dollar decision to invest in Bank of America in 2011 during one of the darker financial times in American history. And, netted $12B return on investment in 2017, owning 10% shareholding and 950 million shares. More on this


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Hackers have breached the infrastructure of Volusion, a provider of cloud-hosted online stores

Hackers breach Volusion and start collecting card details from thousands of sites. More than 6,500 stores have been compromised, but the number could be around 20,000. More on This