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S911 Enterprise Cloud Desktop and Network Infrastructure
S911 Enterprise Cloud Desktop Service on Any Device

By investing in our cloud and hybrid cloud managed solutions, businesses can guarantee high performance and availability, super efficient, IT operations support, reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions, without the hassle of setting them up on a physical device. For many organizations, investing in complex disaster recovery plans, can be a costly venture, and backing up data is time-consuming.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud offers an ultra high performance, enterprise cloud desktop solution, that integrates seamlessly with the organization’s IT operations capabilities, empowering SMBs, NGOs and NPOs, by simplifying IT operations management and reducing costs.

Our managed cloud solutions offer complete management and control over the IT operations that are directly involved in maximizing performance and peak availability, and ensuring high product and service output. The enhanced flexibility SMBs get from our managed enterprise cloud solution, is high value, for the people who are responsible, for driving cost savings, supporting remote worker networking capabilities, securing and protecting the business and network infrastructure and information systems, and for strengthening the organization’s competitive advantage and image.

Pricing Information

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