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Managed IT in the USA, Canada & The Caribbean

S911 offers the right mix of enterprise IT operations support and project management capabilities, for the people in SMBs, NPOs and NGOs, who are responsible for maximizing product and service output, maintaining high performance and 24/7 availability. Our commitment to the highest, IT outsourcing service levels, guarantees satisfaction, and the lowest total costs. Think of us as a part of your team, like a well oiled machine! 

Customer Focused

At S911, we are exclusively focused on creating new and innovative, managed solutions, that install quickly, simplifying IT operations project management and lowering costs. IT outsourcing to exceed expectations, by providing, the right mix of support and IT operations project management capabilities organizations need, for maintaining high performance, 24/7 availability, and high product and service output.

Industry Proven

Our commitment to the highest service levels guarantees satisfaction and the lowest total costs. Founded by industry leading, certified and registered, IT operations project consultants, cloud solutionscyber security and cyber resilienceIT operations project management, and FINTECH experts, we understand what you need, as management and resellers, to be successful.

Customer Driven

Our after-sale service and scope of support and IT operations project management capabilities, set us apart from other providers. The passion for exceeding expectations by our team of well seasoned, international S911 IT operations project consultants, IT strategists and technical support engineers, enables us, a trusted support and IT operations project management service provider, to guarantee satisfaction, for the people and the organizations we work for, every time.

Brands We Represent

Darktrace Cyber AI, Darktrace Antigena, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security, Bitdefender Gravityzone Patch Management, Fudo Security Content Management, Cisco, Sophos, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Grandstream Networks, Faronics, Sage 50 Accounting, Syspro ERP, Accountedge Pro, Quickbooks Enterprise, Sage DacEasy, Sage Peachtree, Traverse Accounting, Traverse ERP

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