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Making Good Businesses Better

Successful Businesses and Business Development need smart planning and managing

A private ecommerce strategy, entrepreneur mentoring and business development consultancy company established in 1996, Support911 is the brainchild of a small group of independent European, North American and Caribbean senior leadership experts, certified management consultants and IT support and implementation professionals who saw the need for Trinidad and Tobago and CARICOM entrepreneurs and small and medium size business owners to have timely, reliable and robust solutions to vulnerable problems, to be ready for the biggest challenges and to reduce costs.


Our technologies, solutions, coaching and mentoring, service and support satisfy entrepreneur enterprise business needs that

enable easy growth and scaling of the business process, 

reduce business owners stress, 

assure readiness for the biggest challenges, 

save time and money, 

reduce cost, 

liberate business owners time,

empower business owners with executive Board level involvement, management and control of the business process when on and off premises, any where, with real-time business intelligence,

protect the business process from inside threats and unknown anomalies,

build the business to sell, make ready for IPO and shareholder investment,

enable planning for business owners business continuity and succession.


Executive Team


Our Company: Legal Entity: Support 911 (Est. 1996, Cont’d 2002)

Trading Name of Firm: S911, S911 Support, SUPPORT911

Our Website Address is: http://support911.net

Mission: Making good businesses better.

Vision: Quality enterprise solutions, tools and powerful enhancements to international standards for solving vulnerable business continuity problems and to help to reduce business owner’s stress, liberate business owner’s time, save time and money, reduce cost, increase efficiency, assure readiness for the biggest challenges, attain an unassailable business and business development dynamic to help to ‘finish the race’.

Core Values: S911 Support’s core values guide us in how we conduct ourselves personally and professionally, and care for our partners, employees and environment.

Employees: 100-150

Locations Of Operating : North America, United States, Caribbean, Trinidad, UK, Europe


Core Competencies


What We Do

Software development, systems integration, Operations and maintenance, Warehouse management, Project management and infrastructure support,

Site preparation services, Network and infrastructure solutions, Maintenance and systems support, Computer services and IT support,

Intranet web and email solutions, Network storage solutions, Offsite and onsite / on-premise hybrid-cloud hosting solutions, hybrid-cloud systems and support,

Unified communications, Video and multimedia, Site monitoring and surveillance, Access control and asset tracking,

ERP financial accounting, Application development data analytics and program management, e-Commerce and knowledge base, Business intelligence BI,

Business continuity and disaster recovery, Business process mapping / improvement, Business development and Digital transformation, 

Cyber security and information assurance, Big data analytics, Licensing and certification, Forensics and penetration testing, Security intelligence, Process and network data breach prevention and protection,

Augmented reality, Virtual reality systems and support,

Artificial intelligence AI machine learning, Smart systems and support.


Business Process Improvement and Digital Transformation Service Support


Enterprise-level Specialist IT Products, Service and Solutions

The good news is, there is an S911 quality engineered enterprise-level specialist IT product for every business need, any size. Always on-time and on-budget, we guarantee 100% satisfaction; solving vulnerable IT business problems that would otherwise, block your business process.


“Turning Leadership Into Heroes.”


Product Suite





Who We Work For

Our objective is clear: to get operational technology problems solved fast and efficiently. We aim to supply cost effective best-practices and solutions; and with our friendly, experienced and highly-qualified professional and international team, we are confident that we can satisfy all of your requirements.

We work for the people who want transnational capabilities, value for money, quality products and solutions, and are responsible for the organization operations maintenance, development and management.


Sectors, Organizations and People We Work For

Accountants, Banks and Finance,


Aviation and Aerospace,



Customs Brokerage and Logistics,


Government Agency,

Import and Export,

Inventory and Warehousing,


Public Health, Care and Safety,

Public Service,

Manufacturing and Distribution,


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Not For Profit,

Real Estate,

Research and Development,


Small and Medium Business,

Self-employed and Business Owners.



S911 Support is a rapidly growing international system developer of timely and effective enterprise-level specialist IT products, services and solutions to European and American international standards for corporations and businesses, any size.

Carefully selected, our corporation and small to medium enterprise business-ready device and service plan options, help to simplify confusing and essential technologies for business environments of every type.

We appropriately segment the best options to provide your business, a reliable and robust system of solving vulnerable IT business problems.

Always on-time and on-budget, and with your choice of AI guided, single-interface management and control options, our GUARANTEE is our promise for 100% satisfaction of any business need, any size.

Our quality enterprise products and solutions install quickly, immediately taking care of the support details to help to liberate your business, to develop, regulate and project manage important key responsibilities and functional operational areas, focused on, and involved in the process, at Board level.

All of our internal systems have the customer as their focus.

Our secure network of Systems Development and Systems Management partners and internal departments are staffed by international experienced professionals in over 25 separate certifications.

Our support Helpdesk call-center and Knowledge Management systems are fully computerized, on premise hybrid-cloud connected and our infrastructure service and systems support work on a 24/7 system of availability.


Key benefits


Time Is Now For Social Media and Digital Marketing Intelligence to Grow Your Business


Global partner network of certified and vastly experienced professionals operating in over 22 countries,

Program management developers for the EU, EMEA-UK, CIDA and IADB; respected by Industry partners,

Support Helpdesk Call-Center System : automatic ticketing, company supervisor roles, unlimited users, knowledge base, satisfaction survey assessment, high-ROI, transparency,

Over 20 years in Business + Personnel certified in over 25 technologies + Multiple awards / extensions of contracts based on customer satisfaction + Low employee turnover,

Project delivery on time and on budget,

Enterprise-level IT specialist designed products, service and system support solutions to European and American international standards,

Quality IT support and implementation for small to medium businesses, government agencies, corporations and homes,

Motivate executive, management, supervisory and support staff to work together and to maximize use of technology in the process,

Satisfy the total IT business continuity needs for your process using the latest AI technologies,

Enhance your process with enterprise AI technologies and cloud services that protect and prevents data breaches, assure compliance with future standards and highest stakeholder ROI and confidence,

Assure maximum up-time and availability, readiness for the biggest challenges, increased efficiency and reduced cost,

Liberate the business involvement in the strategic direction of the process at Management, Executive Management and at Board level,

Diverse international experience,

Total care package and fixed rate plan, quality service terms,

Confidentiality and trust,

Development life cycle project management, 

Grow the business easily,

Save time and money,

Reduce business owner’s stress,

Be ready for the biggest challenges,

Reduce cost,

Installs quickly,

24/7 support.


S911 Five-Step Systematization Design Process



Quality process; customer focused and involved, from :
Visioning → Design → Establish → Actualize  → Manage

Capturing total customer requirements in each quality bespoke product,

Standardized product, custom tailored process to European and American international standards,

Assured design and delivery, On-Time and On-Budget,

Certified advisory board, technical team and project leadership,

Complete system life cycle management.


Additional Services

Productivity process operations specialists,

IT systems management,

Onsite IT service,

Emergency IT support,

Remote and unlimited phone support,

Preventive maintenance,

Managed on-premise and cloud hosted services,


Operations and maintenance support,

Infrastructure assessment and systems support,

Software applications and volume licensing,

Chartered accountant and auditors,

Certified IS and IT systems managers and auditors,

Certified HR consultant,

Networked with international consultants for corporation and SME programme management for international business development, growth and expansion.


How to access S911 Support services

Private and Open Bids, Quotations and Tenders,

International and Local Private Company and Government Purchase Orders,

Check, Credit Card and FX Swift Direct Bank,

Managed Service Contract Vehicles,

Small and Long Term Contract Vehicles,

Pay As You Go,

Sub-Contracting of Core Competencies.


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We look forward to your feedback and to the pleasure of serving your business needs

For information, to schedule a consultation with S911 consultant or to request business or IT service support and implementation, email us, call us or visit us.



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Business Process Improvement and Digital Transformation Service Support


Darktrace Enterprise Network Process Cyber-Security Immune System


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